Why Should You Outsource Your DBS Checks

Choosing to outsource your background checks can be very advantageous for a number of reasons, most companies do not have the time or resources to carry out background checks on potential employees, especially if they involved in hiring a substantial amount of people. A specialised screening service has enhanced knowledge of the industry and knows exactly how to carry out background checks for various positions.

 Experience & Knowledge of The Industry

  • Outsourcing your employee background checks to an organisation who have years of experience and knowledge in the industry has a variety of advantages, they can create specific reports on potential employees which ensure you are hiring the correct individual for the job. If your position requires you to hire people who will be working closely with vulnerable individuals, you want to make sure the person you are planning on employing does not have any undesirable background history.
  • Professional screening company who carry out DBS checking always stay up to date with industry requirements, they continually keep their clients informed on new regulations or developments in their specific area of expertise.

 Outsourcing Is More Efficient

  • Carrying out a single DBS check on a potential recruit can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with the exact process and procedures involved, now imagine trying to handle multiple checks for a whole host of possible employees who may be hired for all different types of positions. Each position requires specific checks and not all the reports will involve the same type of criteria. Choosing a dedicated group of consultants makes DBS screening far more efficient, they have the experience to deal with multiple requests and know exactly how to process checks in the quickest time possible.

 Customer Friendly Service

  • A professional screening company will have a specialised team of consultants on hand to deal with any questions or queries relating to background checks and DBS procedures. They have years of experience in the industry and can manage any issue or problem which presents itself, there is nothing that they have not encountered which cannot be resolved.
  • When you first contact them, they will thoroughly explain the DBS process while giving you advice on how to set up applicants on their system, right down to checking the results of reports. Everything is handled from start to finish with minimal fuss or confusion on your behalf.

Paperless System

  • Having to organise a mountain of documents to seal and send away for background checks can be annoying and unwelcome, most professional DBS services work entirely on a paperless system. All your applications can be sent online and you can easily view the results as they come in, an electronic system is quick, easy and hassle-free with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly. Anything that lowers paper consumption is a positive process.

 Outsourcing is a great way of saving on cost, it enables your business to focus on its core duties, leaving other responsibilities to more suitable candidates.

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