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Why Should I Invest in LED Letters for My Business?

LED letters are commonly seen on shop signs and logos, in advertisements and denoting the physical premises of businesses in every industry – but what is so special about them? Why are they so commonly used in high-end businesses and why do so many successful businesses have an LED letter sign outside? This blog post aims to look at the reasons for the success of the LED letter in business signage and advertising, and whether your business should invest in an LED letter sign (spoiler alert: it should).

What are LED Letters?

LED letters are a form of signage made using sturdy acrylic plastic or other clear, durable material and LED lighting, shaped like a letter of the alphabet, number, punctuation mark or symbol. The LEDs within provide a light source and a source of colour to the construction, which lights up to enhance visibility and create a great aesthetic affect, making LED letter signs some of the most striking, recognisable and highly visible sign types on the market.

LED Letters are used in preference to other light-up letter types, including halogen, neon and filament lights due to their superior energy efficiency, longer lifespan and cooler operating temperature – while an incandescent light in such an arrangement and at such a magnitude might create huge quantities of heat and send the business’ energy bills skyrocketing to unsustainable, catastrophic levels, the much more economical LED letters don’t do this – allowing larger designs which are lit more continuously, without draining the business’ energy budget or inflicting unnecessary expense on the business.

As an additional advantage, LED letters don’t require maintenance as often as other light letters, making your LED letter sign a sort of “fire and forget” advertising strategy – once set it, it won’t need to be accessed or worked on to the same degree as another lighting type.

Can LED Letters be Made into an LED Letter Sign?

LED letters can be made into an LED Letter Sign – in fact, this is their original purpose, and the reason they were first designed! Not intended to stand alone, LED letters can be easily configured into signs, making them a particularly versatile and convenient signage solution for those in need of a stylish, eye-catching and instantly-recognisable sign, with the added bonus of being much more visible in poor ambient conditions, at night or in inclement weather, keeping your business in your customers’ attention and highlighting it when they need it most!

Why Should My Business Invest in LED Letters?

LED letters and LED letter signs can be an important investment for your business for a number of reasons – not least in your branding and business ability to pull customers in the door!

LED letters and LED letter signs are much more visible than comparable non-illuminated sign types, due to their illuminated nature, and are much more energy efficient than other illuminated sign types, including incandescent and halogen signs. This reduces operating costs, and also decreases maintenance costs and requirements, as LED lighting is considerably more durable and enjoys a longer lifespan than the competition. For more information on whether LED lights are right for you, you can get in touch with SignTrade Letters on 08085 456700 – their experts are dedicated to helping you find the best signage solution for your needs, regardless of what those needs may be. They’ll help you find the ideal sign to make your business flourish.

What Sorts of LED Letters Are Available?

LED letters are available in a huge range of sizes, colours and shapes, and, if you buy from a specialist expert manufacturer of LED lighting like SignTrade, you can enjoy completely bespoke LED letter sign creation, made to your requirements to create a sign which is completely unique to you!

Where Can I Buy High-Quality LED Letters?

If you are looking for high quality LED letters for an LED Letter Sign for your business, you should look no further than SignTrade Letters. SignTrade are the UK’s foremost signage manufacturer and supplier, and can provide your business with a completely bespoke LED signage solution to suit any needs. Whether you need a small, bespoke LED sign or a huge, attention-grabbing super-sign, SignTrade can help you.

Contact SignTrade Letters for LED Letter Signs Today!

If you would like more information on LED letters, you can get in touch with SignTrade Letters using 08085 456700 or click through to their website using the links embedded in this blog post. Once you’re on their website or speaking to one of the experts, you’ll be able to enjoy industry-leading advice, ask any questions you might have, and get quotes or place orders. It couldn’t be simpler! Just get in touch with SignTrade Letters today and start your journey to an incredible LED letters sign for your business!

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