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Why Rent a Telehandler

Telescopic handlers (‘Telehandlers’) and straightmast forklifts are extremely popular across a range of industries. However, you may be wondering why rent a telehandler so here’s a few examples of when hiring a telehandler may save you time, money and effort.

Saving manual handlin

Simply put, hiring a telehandler works best as an alternative method to manual handling. Under Health and Safety legislation, one person can only safely carry a maximum of 25kg. Additionally, fatigue is also a factor when using manual handling over an extended period of time.

By hiring a telehandler, a wide range of manual handling needs are massively reduced. Greater loads can be carried over a greater distance, in far less time and for as long as required.

Think about the saving on a typical construction site – remember the ‘old days’ when bricklayers would carry their own bricks from the yard to the house? How much time did that take? How many returns backwards and forwards?

Now you can see why renting a telehandler makes sense – even a small 4/6m telehandler from UK Forks will save you a fortune in increased productivity. One pallet of bricks moved in minutes as opposed to paying a labourer all day to move the same amount of bricks.

No more lost time waiting for the next delivery of bricks to a house makes the bricklayers work faster too!


In warehouses, goods are often need to be lifted at height to save on ground storage space. Whilst straight forklifts are often suitable, they can often be limited by relatively small payloads (i.e. they can only lift small footprint items like pallets or light weights) due to capacity restrictions.

Alternatively, by renting a telehandler, greater size/area loads can be lifted but also increased weights, so more items can be moved in less time. Generally, telehandlers are also far more manoeuvrable than forklifts and can cover greater ground areas faster and easier.

Reduced ground areas, limited accessibility or multi-needs

For work in reduced ground areas, with limited accessibility, or with multiple requirements, a specialist type of telehandler called a rotational telehandler can be rented.

The ‘Roto’ benefits from being a truly versatile item of plant due to an all-round rotation and adjustable stabilisers. This means it can work in confined spaces and incorporates the benefits of a telehandler, access platform and a rough terrain crane.

By using a Roto, effectively three items of a plant – access platform, crane and forklift – can be replaced by only one item, thus saving space on site and money too.

Conclusion: renting a telehandler can save you time, money and effort

Although there’s only three use cases listed, it’s clear to see that telehandler rental can serve a multitude of needs.  Manual handling can be reduced to a minimum, materials can be moved faster and more safely, and multiple items of plant can be replaced by just one Roto.

If you have a need for materials handling, why not consider renting a telehandler today to make your life easier?

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