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Why Print Advertising is Still Important for Your Business

With the range of online advertising options available, some people have claimed that the place of print advertising such as business cards and flyers is now finished.  But this misses one crucial factor about human behaviour – we like physical communications, things we can touch and feel as well as read.  Therefore, businesses should definitely consider having these print items as part of their advertising repertoire.

Neuromarketing Techniques

An example of what this means comes from a US Postal Service study from 2015 that compared the reactions of people when faced with a digital or a physical advertisement.  They used neuromarketing techniques to judge their reactions such as eye tracking and biometric measurements.  The results showed:

  • People spent longer reading physical media than digital
  • Physical media created more emotional reactions
  • Physical media generated a greater desire for the advertised product
  • People give higher subconscious values to items shown in physical advertisements versus digital ones

The study also showed that if these same people were asked a week later what the advertisement contained, they remembered much more of the print version than the digital one.

Why Print Advertising Works For Your Business

The flexibility of print advertising is one of the big reasons that this remains so popular an option.  From flyers to brochures, business cards to posters, there is a multitude of options that can suit exactly what the business needs.  It is easy to coordinate digital and physical advertising to give a cohesive approach to all your advertising and to boost company branding.

Targeting advertising is also easier with print advertising than with online advertising.  If you want to reach the people in your local area within 5 miles of your business, for example, you can simply advertise in local newspapers or have leaflets sent to their address.  This is more difficult to do online as people don’t always have their location settings on.

Fill The Gap

The booming world of online advertising also means there is something of a gap in the realms of physical marketing that your business can fill.  Fewer people advertise in newspapers, on billboards or through people’s doors and that means there is a better chance of your advertising being noticed if you use these options.  Rather than competing against hundreds or thousands of similar companies from around the world while advertising on Facebook, you can be competing with just a handful of different businesses on a newspaper ads page.

There is also a sense of credibility that physical advertising brings that can boost your business.  The importance of a business card in your hand is still a big thing for many people who carry card wallets with them and hand their out with pride.  By offering this same service in return, you can place your brand ahead of others who merely send emails or instant messages.

There are still plenty of benefits to physical advertising, both in terms of people’s perceptions and the ways in which you reach potential customers.  By working with a quality print company, you can produce branded products and adverts that will place your business ahead of competitors both online and offline.

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