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Why Facebook is an important marketing channel for any business?

Are you waiting to be convinced to know the value of Facebook for your business? Well, you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities then. So many new business owners are entering Facebook doing the best they can to attract more fans on Facebook. It is becoming a powerful platform to reach more prospects because of the number of users and level of engagement it is offering.

Here are some reasons why Facebook has become an important marketing channel for businesses these days:

It’s a popular networking site for marketers

2015 State of Marketing Report by Salesforce says that Facebook is the number 1 social channel for marketers. 80 percent of the marketers are still using it. If you are not using Facebook, you are actually giving your competitors a golden ticket to grab your customers.

Facebook has the highest conversation rate

Shopify says that Facebook leads other social media channels when it comes to ecommerce traffic with an average conversation rate of 1.85 percent. If you are investing in social media marketing, then why not place your effort in something that will actually drive you conversation and sales?

Maximum visibility, minimum cost

When you are planning to launch a business online, you have to be where the people are. Currently, Facebook has 2.19 billion active monthly users. Also, Facebook advertising is cheaper as compared to Google and even YouTube. So, even with a low budget, you can get the most visibility.

Facebook live works wonders

Ever since Facebook live has introduced, it has taken the world of internet by storm. Why not, this feature lets you record live videos and share them with your friends. As a business, you can use it in a lot of way such as:

  • Give a behind the scene experience to your customers
  • Give them a sneak peek of your upcoming campaigns or new products
  • Answer common queries of customers
  • Promote an event

People like to watch videos more than reading content. So, why not give them what they like?

Understand consumer psychology

Facebook gives people the voice that most definitely will be heard. It also lets you share opinions on products and services. Facebook lets users endorse business in their own community by a simple like. Brand influencers are hence being used to leverage this phenomenon. If a celebrity is buying it, then an average consumer will buy it too. That’s how it goes. Facebook lets you not just understand the consumer psychology but use it to cash on business opportunities.

Steer the Facebook traffic to your website

You can share the link to your website on your Facebook page too. In other words, whenever a visitor comes on Facebook, if they like what they are looking at, they will definitely click the link of your website. Marketing experts say that the customers who reach your website via Facebook are more receptive than the ones who come through Google search or any other way.

It is true that there are lots of other social media platforms out there now that can be used for marketing but we still cannot ignore the importance of Facebook in digital marketing.

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