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Why Choose An Online Accountant?

  • Changes are afoot!

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are actively encouraging businesses to fill out their tax returns online. And, rather than being an unnecessary burocratic imposition, online accounting is set to make accounting and tax returns simpler, more efficient and less costly. Now that is good news!

  • Good bye to ledgers and filing cabinets

The emergence of ever sophisticated and user-friendly accounting software is a real godsend for every business of no matter what size.

Traditional, pen and paper, accountancy is generally labour intensive, time consuming and is, as such, a relatively expensive service.

Especially for small businesses, time spent travelling to and from the high street accountant is valuable time that could have been spent increasing sales, profits or lounging on some far away beach.

Accountancy is changing, lead in large part by the HMRC who have embraced and encouraged the use of online technology for tax returns and enquiries. The whole accountancy process has become far less arduous.

  • The online accountant

Efficient online accountants will use only the most sophisticated and updated accountancy software available

Accountancy software must be:

  1. Capable of logging, tracking and properly analysing all accounting information relevant to your particular business model
  2. Flexible, and capable of adaption to suit individual companies’ requirements
  3. HMRC compliant, and in an approved format for tax returns

That however is merely the tip of an iceberg; a thoroughly researched and bespoke accountancy software package is worth its weight in proverbial gold.

However, software is only ever as good as the expertise and diligence of those who designed it! So, locate an online accountant with software specifically designed by accountants in collusion with relevant ‘players’ within the financial market (especially HMRC).

Therefore, when considering an online accountant always check out the company’s history; ensure that you are about to employ a company with:

  1. Software that is tried, tested and highly rated by existing clients
  2. A policy of providing ongoing backup, upgrades and overall helpful service and advice
  3. A link, and regular communication, with HMRC for all the latest tax developments and legal requirements

A good online company will take all the hassle and stress out of the tax return process. It will also ensure you get all your entitled rebates and concessions; tax is essential, but let’s not be over-generous.

And what’s more, there’s very little risk of ever being fined for a late return ever, ever again!

  • Where to find the best online accountant?

Starting your search from scratch really does present a daunting task of hit and miss. There are numerous kosha, and not so kosha, companies waiting for your call.

They all sound pretty good, they all sound first rate! But which online accountant is guaranteed to deliver the expertise and service you require?

Here’s a suggestion that’ll help you circumnavigate the unknown and introduce you to an accountant with a sound, indeed impeccable, track record.

For an example of a competent and professional online accountancy company look no further than Zooconomics!

Zooconomics ticks all the boxes, here you will find the right solution for all your accountancy requirements.

And what’s more, you’ll no doubt save time and money!

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