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Why brand tracking survey is important and how to do it

We can cover the following four areas under brand tracking survey –

  1. Know the usage of a brand: How often do the consumers buy your products or services? Are they buying from their competitors? If a sports person recommends Adidas to all, you are trying to enter the market, how you can show it to the consumers that your brand is a better brand. First understand the use of the consumer brand would help you to see where your brand is, and allow a competitive analysis to find the right brand products or services. With questions about using a brand, you should measure whether people have used your brand in the past, if they use it now and how often they buy your products or services. You should also ask if they are buying other competitor brands. Remember, you should know what other brands to include in your survey questions because you asked consumers to name brands in your question about brand recognition.

    2. The awareness of a brand: The knowledge of the brand is the familiarity of consumers with the particular brand. If someone would like to recommend sports shoes, what brand would suggest? They may recommend Adidas brand simply because it is one of the best known athletic brands. You can lose sales from the market if the brand is not present in the minds of consumers. Know where you are with the consumers to find the brand awareness.

    When you need to know that how conscious are the consumers with your brand value. You need to ensure that you are getting correct measurements or not they are present in the minds of consumers is to give a survey with questions without help. Respondents can write in any brand they are thinking about and you can get the answers to give an accurate measure of whether consumers know who they are or not. Also you need to know who are your main competitors and you could measure the brand in other surveys in the future. Measure how conscious consumers of your brands in the Brand Awareness campaigns or surveys.

    3. Attempt of buying:  Include some questions that ask consumers if they plan to buy your product or service in the future or not. Comparing buying intent before and after an advertising campaign is a great way to see how you are doing.

  1. The Brand attributes: What benefits and difficulties do you link with your product brand category? Why consumers can think positively about their brand is not based on price and how well it meets their needs. Obtaining consumer feedback on the attributes of your brand can help you understand where you are doing well.

The article based on brand tracking was shared on behalf of Morar HPI, a research agency. The company’s brand team aligns commercial objectives, target audiences and sector dynamics to create new brands and focus existing ones.

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