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Which Local Business Directories Should I List In?

Seeing that listing in local business directories can help with local search rankings, the big question for many local business owners is, “What local business directories should I list my business in?”. If you haven’t yet started to list your business in a multitude of paid and free listings sites you’re missing out on the opportunity to get your business more exposure which will lead to greater interest in your products and services.

In this short article, we look at your options for listing in local business directories and give advice on how to get your local citations campaign to bear fruit.

Recognise That Not All Local Business Directories Are Equal

The first step to setting up a citations campaign that gets your business more online exposure is to recognise that not all business directories are created equal and that some are better to list on than others. A good place to start your campaign is to identify the best local business directory in Australia, list your business on it and then find similar reputable sites to create further listings on.

Many of the top sites you will recognise because they are traditional business directories that have now assumed a digital form, like the Yellow Pages, for example. However, there are a number of newish sites that are equally beneficial to list your business on.

Look for Sites with High Domain Authority

If you don’t have an SEO services provider and you’re managing your business listings on your own, look for sites that have a high Domain Authority (DA). This is a metric from Moz, one of the top SEO brands in the world, and they have even created a handy toolbar (it’s free) that you can use to check the DA of business directories that you are considering listing on.

Basically, the higher the DA, the more authority will be passed from that site to yours, giving your site and its relevant web pages a ranking boost. This will help you to get your web pages on the first page of Google’s search results, making your business more visible to potential customers.

Look for Directories That Are Easy to Manage

Some directories make it easy to update your details whereas others can make life difficult in this regard, even requiring you to upgrade to a paid subscription to enable you to make changes. While many of the top sites require a payment or subscription (and make it easy to update your listing), when selecting free sites to list on ensure they’re easy to use.

Get a GMB Page

One of the best directories to list on is, rather unsurprisingly, Google. The first step in any citations campaign is to claim your Google My Business page, list all your business details, ensure they are correct and then use the information on this page for all the other listings you create. Consistency is very important, so make sure your listing details are consistent with your GMB page.

Follow these tips to choose the right local business directories to list your business in.

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