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Where Close-Circuit Television Can Be Installed Inside And Outside Your Business

You can make your business feel like a fortress when you install some closed-circuit cameras.

The cameras need to deliver a clear picture and they need to be able to zoom in on anyone who might be acting suspiciously near the property. The footage from the cameras could be used if the case happens to make it to a criminal court.

There are lots of different cameras on the market and you need to make a careful choice. The positioning of the CCTV cameras in Perth is doubly important because you do not want to leave any blind-spots for potential thieves.

Where can close circuit television be installed inside and outside your business?

Near The Back Door

Some people might try and gain access to the property by trying to break down the back door. However, they are going to be caught out by a camera that has been positioned next to the door.

  • This camera can be installed by a professional company. The images are going to be crystal-clear, which makes the job of the police much easier than without a camera to get a visual identification.

Next To The Company Garage

You want to keep your car secure when it is in the company garage. Many thieves will not attempt to break into your car. Instead, they will try to steal the keys if they have been left in an office in your business.

  • The CCTV can catch people in the act as they try and break into your company garage. The position of the camera is crucial because then you can zoom in to get a clear look at their face. The information can then be passed onto the police.

Inside The Business

Some people might not think that CCTV inside the business is going to be useful. However, these images can be used to catch people when they are going through the property and taking possessions. The evidence can be used against them.

  • Discreet CCTV can be installed in every room of your business. People will not be aware that they are being filmed.

In The Stock Room

The stock room is a source of valuable documents and electrical equipment. You should aim to keep this area of your business completely safe from the attention of potential thieves.

  • Since the stock room will be away from the main office, make sure that you have some cameras installed near the stock room. These cameras should be able to zoom in and out whilst also being able to pivot.


There are lots of different locations that can be used for closed-circuit television cameras. The company that supplies the cameras will assist you when you are choosing the perfect spots. It is of vital importance that the cameras can swivel and zoom in properly. The clarity of the images is the most important characteristic.


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