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What is Cold Chain Packaging and why is it important

  • What is a cold chain?

A cold chain (aka cool chain) is relevant to perishable products/goods that need to be maintained at specific low temperatures at all times whilst en route from supplier to end user.

This can be logistically challenging and requires the expertise of specialist packaging with innovative technology. In essence, the packaging acts as a refrigerator.

  • Which products benefit from temperature control whilst in transit?

This could apply to most perishable goods, and certainly most of the fruit and veg we see on our supermarket shelves. Indeed the cold chain supply is relevant to a whole range of goods, from all foods frozen to pharmaceutical drugs and even Kodak film.

A cold chain system of supply means that foods, and various other products that require temperature crucial storage, will have a longer shelf life; cutting down wastage whilst slowing the degradation process.

Cold chain packaging is therefore an essential element in the maintenance of an effective supply chain. Without this innovation food, medicines and goods generally would be less readily available; and what’s more, prices would undoubtedly rise and many businesses threatened with closure.

  • Pharmaceutical controlled packaging solutions

Pharmaceutical drugs and other many other clinical products need to be maintained at crucial temperature levels during transport.

Packaging for these types of products is extremely specialist and should only be sourced from a reputable, experienced temperature controlled packaging supplier.

The temperature requirements of products in transit does vary; one medicine, for example, may need to be continually stored within a different ranges of temperatures from another.

It is therefore imperative to use a supplier with a packaging product suited to your specific temperature requirements.

Most goods in transit are subject to various, local or international, regulations and specifications. An experienced company will be able to advise and comply accordingly.

Furthermore, the choice of transport, air, sea or road, may be a determining, and perhaps restricting factor, in the appropriateness of packaging used. Again, your kosha supplier will advise.

  • Finding the right cold chain packaging company

As with all things, there’s no substitute for experience! And that most definitely applies to the employment of a cold chain packaging company.

Always use an experienced company, one that has a proven track record and an established clientele of regular and satisfied customers. Quite a tall ask.

However, there is one very well-known cold chain packaging company that ticks all the boxes. And that’s Soft Box, a company located online with an extensive range of cold chain packaging solutions for every conceivable requirement.

Soft Box are especially renowned within the pharmaceutical industry, having won two Queens Award’s for Enterprise in the categories of International Trade and Innovation.

Soft Box regularly provide their services to a vast number of well-known pharmaceutical companies, hospitals etc. Soft Box’s trading record alone speaks volumes of its well-regarded position in the excellence listings.

  • In conclusion

Should you have a cold chain shipping enquiry then go to Soft Box’s excellent and informative website for further information and an opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.

Soft Box, for effective and innovative temperature controlled systems.

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