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What is cloud supply chain software

Of course, we’ve all heard about ‘The Cloud’ – the ability to save, share and work with data remotely stored over the Internet. But what is cloud supply chain software? Is it really as simplistic as it sounds, or is there more to it?  Let’s find out more ….

So is cloud supply chain software exactly what it sounds like?

Yes, generally – it is supply chain software that is specifically designed to be used remotely via the Cloud. That is, through an internet connection, data is shared online and synced across every platform, without any performance impact to the supply chain software.

What are the advantages of cloud supply chain software though?

There’s several advantages to cloud supply chain software, such as :-

  • ability to access data across different computers in different locations (even worldwide!)
  • security is vastly improved – not just submitted data, but the operation of the supply chain software as every version run is the latest security version.
  • data is centralised and backed up – so no opportunity for data loss
  • software system is modular – so it can be added it or customised as business needs grow

Real-time data = supply chain visibility

Perhaps one of the most valued advantages to cloud supply chain software is that the data is always available realtime – anywhere in the world. No need to wait for backups, or uploads or data synchronisation.

Supply chain visibility is therefore uppermost in the benefits of cloud supply chain software.

Product lifestyle management

As the entire trading community can access cloud supply chain software, it facilitates product lifecycle management at every stage of operation through one central cloud system.

Incorporation with other applications

In addition to being a powerful cloud supply chain software, systems such as Adjuno can readily incorporate with existing applications used by businesses. This is advantageous as there is ‘less barrier to entry’ as users can keep to familiar workflows and have less to learn about new systems.

What industries can benefit from using cloud supply chain software?

Supply Chain-dependent businesses such as logistics, manufacturing, retail and insurance will also benefit from cloud supply chain software – especially multi-location or multi-time zone operations.

Knowing the relevant data is available 24/7 through the internet brings confidence and efficiency to these – and many other industries also.

Conclusion: cloud supply chain software can suit your business needs – and much, much more!

In addition to helping mission-critical operations, cloud supply chain software offers even more advantages when it comes to customisation.

Specialist supply chain platforms can be adapted or built to suit specific operations – such as the ‘Retail Concept to Cash’ – to suit most business needs.

As cloud supply chain software also boosts transparency across operations in a business, it enables the workers and teams to collaborate more effectively and efficiently, thus saving money and boosting profitability!

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