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What Happens to your Estate if you Don’t Make a Will

Those people who have yet to write a last will and testament probably think that everything will work itself out if they were to pass away, yet, very often, things are far from smooth, and in some cases, loved ones can suffer. There are laws that govern how a person’s estate is divided, unless of course, the person made a will, in which case, their last wishes will be carried out as instructed. For those who have not made a will, the state will decide how the deceased assets are divided.

Provisions for your Children

If a person dies without leaving a will, their spouse would inherit the estate, and that person would then decide on how this would be divided among any children. This means that your partner would be burdened with the responsibility, and they might not make the right choices, especially where children are concerned. It might be that you wish to set up an educational trust fund for your children, to ensure that whatever happens, they will receive a good education. Making a will allows you to be very specific regarding your estate, and this is beneficial to your loved ones.

Family Conflicts

One of the main reasons for writing a will is to avoid family conflicts, and it isn’t just in the movies that families are divided over inheritance, and to eliminate the chances of causing problems among immediate family, you can leave specific instruction about how your estate is divided. You and your partner might have every different ideas about the assets, and if you do not write a last will and testament, then there is always a possibility that the outcome will not be one you had envisaged.

Avoid High Taxes

In certain situations, a person can save a lot of money by making a will, as it avoids unnecessarily high death taxes that could be levied on your estate. It is best to seek professional advice regarding taxes, as a lot depends on your net worth. If you would like to know more about how to make a will in Bedfordshire,or any other county, there are online companies that will arrange for a free home visit, and you can discuss the matter with a trained professional in the comfort of your own home.

The Little Things

You might have it in your mind that your dearest friend should inherit your vintage car, or perhaps you would like to leave something for that special colleague at work, whatever the reason, making a will ensures that your wishes are carried out. Perhaps you have things of sentimental value, and would like to leave them to people who have a special place in your heart, and by making this clear in your will, things will be as you wish them to be.

If you haven’t yet put pen to paper, but are thinking about making a last will and testament, there are online companies who can arrange this, and with a free home visit, it couldn’t be easier.

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