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What Exactly Does Office Relocation Involve

This is a question many entrepreneurs have ventured to ask, and of course, the answer depends (to a degree) on the size of the business. One thing is for sure, the project needs careful consideration, and planning should begin many months prior to the intended move. Once you have realised there is no choice but to expand, your thoughts will turn to a suitable new location, and there is much to consider at this stage. The new premises should be large enough to accommodate further expansions, as you don’t want to have to relocate every few years, which is certainly not cost effective, and its geographical location needs to be considered, with special focus on where your staff live and how the relocation would affect their travelling time. Assuming you have already reached this stage, here is a brief overview of what the relocation entails.

  • Calculating a Budget – This is the first thing to do, as when you make contact with office removal companies, they will want to talk about budget. If you can find a contractor who can handle the entire operation, it is worth paying premier prices, but whatever happens, asking for several quotes should ensure value for money.
  • Utility Services – You will need to have all the utilities disconnected at the old premises, and new connections hooked up at the new offices, and if you are based in the UK, Connections 2 Energy are the ideal people to contact, as they are equipped to take on any project, big or small, and with their considerable experience and resources, the utilities will be something you can strike off your list, as a single provider can handle all your gas, electricity, water, and telecom needs.
  • Office Design and Layout – The new premises must be designed before the move can take place, and if you manage to source a good removal company, they would also handle office fitouts. With professional help, the new layout would improve productivity, as all factors would be taken into account when planning the new floor design, and these contractors will always try to work within the client’s budget.
  • Packing – This could be carried out by your employees, although that would definitely throw a spanner in the day to day works, and perhaps it is wiser to allocate the packing to the removal company. All they need to know is what is going and what is not, and with their labelling system, they will know where everything is, making the actual relocation a breeze.
  • Co-Ordination – If you enlist the help of a professional office fitout contractor, they would assign a project manager to oversee your relocation, and it will be their responsibility to see that every step is co-ordinated and the relocation goes without a hitch. All you really need to do is make contact with a single utility provider and they will handle all your utility needs, and with the office fitout company taking care of the relocation, you have everything covered.

Outsourcing is the entrepreneur’s best friend and in the case of an office relocation, calling in the professionals makes sense. Online solutions make sourcing the right people very easy, and hopefully, the move will be stress free.

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