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Top Tips for Labeling the Export Crates


Once you finish your export products packing, labeling is the final step that you need to take in order to ensure that your products reach safely to the right destination. A good labeling will have a major impact on whether your export crates reach the final destination in proper shape or not reach at all. The labeling gives your package a fighting chance to survive all the wear and tear during the journey. Apart from that, you need to maintain the custom regulation during your export crates and you have to labeling the crates with product descriptions and safety standard information.

How would you export your goods with export crates?

  • Label export crates with needed information

When you are packing for export you need to label your crates with information such as origin of country, marking of shipper, volume or weight information, handling instructions, cautionary marks and so on. For example, if you are exporting glass items you need to provide the word ‘glass’, the symbol of glass and also marking for the correct side up, order number, destination details and consignees mark. You need to make sure that all the information on labeling is accurate and there are no mistakes here.

  • Do not use crates with old labels

With time you realize how important is correct labeling, and so you need to make sure that there are no old labels stuck to the crates. It is good to recycle the used crates because you are able to save money and environment at the same time. So make sure that you carefully remove any old labels so that there is no confusion in this aspect.

  • Do not put any unnecessary information

If there is no need for you to specify the content in export crates, avoid doing so. If you identify valuable goods while exporting the ones that don’t need to be identified for obvious reasons, you will only be putting your items in risk. In such cases, it would be wise to use coded labels if the authorities allow doing so.

  • Ensure that labels are permanent

You need to put forth efforts to make sure that the labels are big enough and clear. The information presented on the labels need to be easily visible and should be in appropriate language for the destination. The labels should also be waterproof and resistant to the various elements.

  • Label export crates appropriately

Do not make the mistake of just labeling one side of the export crates. At least label 3 sides of the crates and make it bright and clearly visible. The consignee and destination marks need to be clear enough. For that it is good to first understand the shipping requirement and then start the overall labeling process.

  • Put the right symbols

When it comes to exporting your products, you need to be aware of the international standards on these aspects. There are certain symbols that should surely be there on the crates, and it is good to check it out with company you are shipping much in advance.

The above mentioned aspects will ensure that you get the best results in your export crates. Make sure that you take every step after careful consideration. It would be a good idea to get familiar with the local as well as the international shipping standards before exporting any products or items out of the country. If you want to smooth export of your products, ensure that labeling is 100% accurate.

It is better to choose the customize export crates and design them by some reputed crate manufacturer. They can suggest you the best crates according to your needs.

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