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Tips for Importing Goods into Australia

If you are trying to expand your business, then importing goods from overseas is an excellent way of doing so. It opens your company to international markets, gives you access to new products and services, allowing you to avail of reduced manufacturing costs. You may be required to obtain a licence when importing certain types of items, so it is important to understand how the process works.

Sourcing Suppliers

The easiest place to find potential overseas suppliers is online, you can search for products over the Internet and look for links to suppliers. Once you’ve found what you are looking for, try contacting these companies to discuss rates, if it is your first time dealing with them, be vigilant and do your best to avoid potential scams. If you’re importing into Australia, you should do your utmost to find a reputable overseas company who will provide you with high-quality goods at an affordable price.

Contact an Importation Specialist

There are several companies based in Australia that specialise in importing goods into the country, they aim to help small businesses and large corporations capitalise on opportunities within the wider global market. By tapping into the international market, you allow your business to grow, giving you access to overseas products and materials. There are a lot of complex regulations in place that make it difficult to import goods into the country, that is why it is easier to deal with an importation expert rather than trying to understand the procedures by yourself. The whole process of dealing with immigration, filling out permits and showing certificates can be highly stressful, so why not work with an Australian import company and let them handle all the work on your behalf. If you’d like to grow your business and start importing foreign products, you don’t need to be an expert importer to take advantage of international trade.


If you are a small to medium sized enterprise and you are looking to import small quantities of goods, then your supplier may be able to arrange a reliable courier to deliver the goods. On the other hand, if you are planning on shipping in large consignments of multiple pallets, then you’d be better off consulting with a company who specialise in customs brokering. There are several companies in Australia who not only help with brokering, they can also offer warehouse solutions and transportation options.


Before you consider importing goods into the country, you must analyse the costs to ensure the it is a profitable strategy. It is important to determine your selling price to guarantee you’ve an adequate margin to cover all your costs and make a profit. There is the potential to make a sizeable turnover if approached in the right manner.

If you are looking for openings and you believe importing goods into the country is a great way of growing your business, you’ll need professional help. The whole process of importing items into Australia can be highly complex and without knowledge of the system you could end up with your goods stuck in customs for the most absurd reasons.

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