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Things to Be Aware Before You Plan To Buy a Home

Searching for ready to move in flats in Jaipur? Is the final choice of your dream home being made? Have all the formalities and paperwork relating to loans for villas in Jaipur sorted out. If the general answer to this question is yes and you do expect things to move in a timely manner then hold on! You need to have a serious rethinking. Though the major work has been done, there is still some work that needs to be done so as to prevent the home from legal traps. Certain pointers need to be clearly understood and there are certain remedial measures that will prevent you from repeating the mistakes all over again.

The real selling price of the home

As per the property agreement the buyer is required to pay the actual purchase price of the house. This includes the parking,water, taxes along with the registration charges as well.

With regards to alert tips you would need to read the agreement properly and go through all the details of it. If there are any hidden charges involved you can find it with ease. You could get the agreement verified by a legal expert and if any rectification is needed can figure it out as well. If you are looking to alter the original plan, then do ask for a letter of sanction from the government. When you purchase a property in Jaipur, the actual area of the house is specified. There is a clause which illustrates the plans and the specifications are all temporary. It is never quite clear that you will get the area that was agreed upon at the time of buying

Some watchful tips

  • Do undertake a decent amount of research well before hand
  • It would be prudent on your part to discuss with other buyers on what are the type of problems they normally face
  • It would be a better idea to include the minimum and maximum area in your agreement clause beyond which the size cannot be increased or decreased

Carpet area

This is a term that includes the entire area of the house excluding the walls of the house. In simple terms it means that the area where a carpet could be laid. The build up area would mean the balcony in consortium with the carpet area. When you add the lift, staircase, pool and garden to the carpet area it goes on to become super built up area.

Some helpful tips

  • When you are buying a property always buy it as per carpet area
  • Do ensure that correct area is explained in the agreement papers
  • If possible try and include a clause for a contract termination.

In an agreement there is going to be tentative date with regards to the possession of the house. Though numerous instances have sprung up where the date of possession has been delayed for a considerable period of time. The agreement needs to mention about the certificate.


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