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The Top Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Ecommerce Fulfilment Partner

Global sales in ecommerce have already reached the trillion-dollar mark, and this number is not going down anytime soon. In fact, it’s predicted to rise even further in the coming years. Shopping online has become the norm, and if you have an ecommerce business, this is certainly an excellent time. But if you have an increased number of online orders and you don’t have the right order processing system, you can be in for some big challenges. This is where an ecommerce fulfilment partner comes in. However, if you’re looking at prospective ecommerce fulfilment partners, it’s crucial to find the right one. Here are the top questions you should ask a prospective ecommerce fulfilment partner.

  1. Is your contact centre and warehouse going to be synchronised with my own ecommerce website?

This is arguably the most important question you should ask any prospective fulfilment partner. The synchronisation of their contact centre and warehouse with your own site is important because you need to make sure that updates will be received in real time, particularly in regard to orders and the level of inventory. When their contact centre and warehouse is tied up with your ecommerce site, this will help you when it comes to planning for demand and forecasting.

In addition, you should ask the fulfilment service what system they use for the management of inventory and how many times a week the level of inventory is updated.

  1. How do they deal with a high volume of unexpected orders?

If your ecommerce fulfilment partner has any inefficiency in their operations, this will come to light when there is a spike in product orders. Inefficiency can also be more likely when your fulfilment partner makes use of temporary workers or staff, which leads to another question: is your staff permanent or temporary? Ecommerce fulfilment specialists such as have a good number of permanent staff, for example, and this makes it easier for them to deal with sudden large orders.

But apart from this, you should ask them about their warehouse management system. If working efficiently, their management system should be able to track orders and also track the level of inventory. The system should be streamlined and well-organised, and the fewer steps they take to fulfill orders, the better.

  1. Do you have any processes or systems that can ensure better accuracy with picking and packing?

Your fulfilment partner should have a good system in place when it comes to picking and packing for better accuracy and less risk of errors in order fulfilment. Do they make use of technology to enhance accuracy, such as barcode scanners? The more technologies they have, the better for you, as it signifies less risk when it comes to inaccurate orders.

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