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The things an employer should remember before asking an employee to take a polygraph test

A lie detector test is not only used in order for officials to find out if the people they caught are guilty for doing a specific crime or not. Some companies are also allowed to use this if they are hiring, but they need to consider the precautions that comes with it because private employers couldn’t just ask their candidates to take a polygraph test because of a law called The Employee Polygraph Protection act which means some companies cannot just do a lie detector test with their potential employees. However, there are some exceptions to this law.

All employers generally shouldn’t be allowed to require employees to take a lie detector test. But as mentioned above, there are certain exceptions like is the company is a security firms like alarm companies, those work in pharmaceutical companies, distributors, and dispensaries, and also banks too. this is understandable because their jobs include having to deal with people and employees need to be trusted always. they wouldn’t want one person to destroy the whole company just because they are abusing their jobs already like acting as a spy for their rival companies or just planning to rob the bank, and of course medicines are supposed to be given only to those that need it so these should only be handled by people that can be trusted.

Are private employers still allowed to give polygraph tests?

Yes. They are still allowed to do a polygraph test as long as their reasons are valid like when an employee has committed something like when they have stolen from their employers or committed a crime that resulted in an injury with the employer. Also, they could be asked to do a lie detector tests if they have already been caught in the act doing the things that were mentioned above, but they are just not that willing to tell the truth which can be very frustrating.

What should an employee do when being asked to take a polygraph test? 

If there is a law, then there is a right of course. Before an employee takes a lie detector test, they should know why they are being asked to take it. even if they have done something wrong, the employer should still formally let them know because this is like taking a person’s will from them. Another is that certain parts of the test should be recorded as proof and in order for it to be investigated. The examiner doing the test should also be licensed because most states require this.

What should an employer remember when asking an employee to do a polygraph test?

If an employee is living in an area or location where there are certain rules regarding the EPPA, the employer should follow those no matter strict they are. Employers are also not allowed to violate any part of the act, and the employee could take them to federal court once proven that the employer has done something bad, and this should only be taken to court within 3 years of the violation.

The things mentioned above are just some of the basics that are important for both an employee and an employer should remember in order for them to have a happy and safe working environment.

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