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The richest men in Singapore jump up four spots in the world billionaire ranking

According to new information published by Forbes there are 21 people from Singapore that have made it to the “Billionaires Club”, with four of those men jumping higher and higher on the world billionaire ranking than they have in the past.

Every year, this financial magazine and organization releases a report detailing the richest people on the planet, and every year we see at least a little bit of a shakeup and at least a little bit of turmoil on the list – but it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the kind of wholesale shakeup from almost top to bottom that we have seen from 2016 to 2017.

Many are surprised at just how much change in just how much volatility there has been in this list of billionaires, and while some would like to point to the election of Donald Trump in the United States as a trigger for the big shakeup, most agree that there are a lot more other global factors that play a role in the shifting and changing of this list than the election of the American president.

Property magnates Roberts and Philip Ng are again ranked as the most wealthy billionaires in all of Singapore, with a net worth of the $8.7 billion each – which puts them at the 150 spot on the richest people in the world list. This is four places higher than they ranked last year.

Behind them is Paint Industry tycoon Goh Cheng Liang, a Singapore citizen that owns 39% of the Japanese Nippon paint company. At 89 years old, this individual added nearly $100 million to his own personal net worth in 2016 (bringing him to a grand total of $6.5 billion). This accumulation of cash and capital was more than enough to catapult him 54 spots higher than he ranked in 2016, and now he comes in as the world’s 29th richest individual.

The third most wealthy individual in the nation of Singapore is a family – the Kwee Family – for individual siblings that hold a portfolio of incredibly valuable commercial and residential real estate throughout Singapore and the rest of Asia (as well as select destinations throughout the world) that give them a personal combined net worth of $5.1 billion. They are responsible for the Pontiac Land Group, and have been able to accumulate enough wealth to jump up 30 spots on the global rankings to the 316th position.

As far as worldwide leaders are concerned, Bill Gates again tops the list (a spot that he had lost for a couple of years in the past), with US Pres. Donald Trump slipping nearly 200 spots simply because of his need to abdicate his position at the top of Trump Enterprises while he governs the United States.

Bill Gates has an estimated personal net worth of $86 billion, and is followed on the global list of the world’s most wealthy individuals by Warren Buffett the chief executive at Berkshire Hathaway and a man estimated to be worth nearly $76 billion himself.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos comes in at number three, Facebook pioneer Mark Zuckerberg comes in at number five, and Oracle Software cofounder Larry Ellison comes in at number seven on the list. This shows the American dominance of the richest individuals on the planet that has existed for quite a while now.

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