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The Must-Have Display Banners to Bring to Your Outdoor Event?

For your event to be a success and to keep people coming back year after year aesthetics should be taken into vast consideration. You must equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge for a successful display and a successful event. There is a wide range of display banners out there, ranging in size and design. To be used successfully, you have to take design and composition into mind when arranging and assembling your display banners to maximise the effectiveness of the event and display.  There are many options, and the following blog will inform you what banners you need, and how to use them in the most effective manner.  Depending on the display and coverage required will also depend on which banner stands are appropriate for your event.

Media Wall

A media wall is a large portable banner stand that would usually be placed at the rear, behind your display with an especially printed company or event logo. They are also great for covering fences and other large areas. These media walls can be used to bring your company logo to life or display information. They come in three sizes. 1800mm/2400mm/2900mm. They are a great backdrop and can be used in conjunction with other banner stands to create space, depth and colour to your event or area.

Retractable Banner Stands

These portable lightweight stands are must have for your outdoor event. They are easy to use and simple in design but add so much. They come in different sizes and when used in conjunction with each other add depth and colour and their portability means they can easily be assembled and relocated until you find that perfect spot. Ideally, you would use them around the media wall to add depth and draw attention. They can also be used for informational purposes at the point of sale etc. The variable sizes make them ideal for all applications.

The Pix

The pix are a retractable banner solution and is often used to provide a focal point for your event. Use them in a group of three with varying sizes to make your event pop. Again they are easy to use and come in a handy bag for storage and will fit in the boot of your car easily. These banners look great when they are illuminated from inside and will defiantly draw attention. The Pix is really effective when used wisely.

The Banner Buddy

The banner buddy is a non-retractable one-sided banner stand making it ideal for use on wall and a great way are a great way to highlight valuable information. A great way to highlight lists or events. It can also be used as a free-standing unit and because of the size are often used for text-based applications. They are a simple, cost-effective addition and will come in handy in a variety of situations. This versatile banner is a must have in your arsenal.

To carry all your banners and keep them in pristine condition it might be worth looking into buying some hard cases to ensure your banners can be used time and time again. Although the banners are manufactured to be durable, accidents happen and these hard cases are a great way of protecting your investment.

The more diverse your range of banners are the more options you will have when setting up your outdoor events. Each of the banners mentioned comes in a variety of sizes and when utilised to together make for great looking display with depth and colour and visibility. Whether you intend to highlight your brand identity or display information these banners will be a great starting point for setting up your outdoor event.

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