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The Most Reliable Indicators for New Traders

By reading some articles about the strategy to succeed in trading Forex, you discover that technical analysis has a place more than important in your success. But many trend indicators are found on the charts of most brokers. Also, it is difficult for a novice trader to know which indicator to use rather than another and why. This is what we suggest you discover here by advising you the best technical indicator.

A Single Indicator for a Simplified Strategy

Large traders and investors with many years of experience in market analysis and foreign exchange investment will tend to tell you that complex strategies need to be put in place using technical indicators.

However, if you are new to the subject, the use of various indicators could have the opposite effect. Indeed, as a beginner, it is much more intelligent for you to use simple strategies using only one indicator. The choice of the indicator that you are going to analyze is therefore extremely important because it is only from it that the realization of your forecasts will depend. So it’s important you make the right choice. Working with top trade platforms like Juno markets, you have a better idea of how to choose the right indicators.

On the other hand, it is often the simplest strategies that pay the most, because the margins of error are very low. Once you have mastered this indicator, you can start using others.

The Importance of Technical Analysis

Also remember here the importance of technical analysis when trading on Forex. Forex brokers provide you with online trading platforms that include leverage, allowing you to make comfortable gains with short positions. However, technical analysis is the only method that will allow you to identify a trend in the short or medium term.

This is the reason why the vast majority of brokers use analysis tools directly integrated with real-time graphics. More specifically, just select the asset you want to invest in to access these charts. These are also completely customizable so that you can display the indicators of your choice.

In this way, it is very easy, without having to perform any calculation, to obtain the desired information.

The Best Indicator of Forex: Moving Averages

To date, moving averages are an indicator of choice for traders who are new to Forex. They can quickly identify trading opportunities since they indicate the right time to buy or sell a position.

Visually, the moving average is represented by a line that measures the average price of a currency cross over a given period. It indicates the general direction of the trend. Open a Juno markets account today and work with these indicators to experience more ease trading forex.

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