The Fast and The Furious: Prepaid Plans

No longer are prepaid phone connections the inferior cousins of postpaid ones. The best prepaid plans add more zing to your smartphone with cost effective plans and superfast speeds.

Millennials of today will have scarce conception of the days when those born in the last century went about their daily lives without mobile phones. The only means of telephonic communication lay with fixed landline phones. Wireless phones in the office and home were considered major innovations.

With the advent of mobile phones in India, a new era in wireless communication dawned on the country. But the earliest mobile phones were useful only for calling and texting – a far cry from today’s smartphones, which can do everything for you short of breathing for you and getting you dressed in the morning!

If you were one of the earliest adopters of mobile phones, you probably started out with a prepaid connection. Over the years, you have seen the prepaid connection evolve in stages, from initial high call and SMS rates to unlimited calling and Internet browsing functionality.

Why prepaid connections are awesome

For years, prepaid plans continued to play second fiddle to postpaid plans. The latter were taken by those in business and working professionals who needed to use their phones extensively. Even today, prepaid plans are the first choice for students and homemakers, and indeed, anyone who doesn’t use the phone enough to qualify as a heavy user. For instance, if you use your phone for work-related tasks as well as personal errands, then you are a heavy phone user. Most mobile service providers thus, provide a basic prepaid plan that includes voice calling and SMS, and some amount of Internet browsing.

However, Airtel prepaid plans are designed to add the maximum bang for your buck with a range of packs, speeds and unbeatable prices. The best prepaid plans from Airtel offer even between 1 to 1.4 GB data per day! This feature alone is enough to convince you to continue being a prepaid connection user!

What you need to know about Airtel prepaid plans

  • At the moment, Airtel has three excellent prepaid plans. You can choose the one that suits your needs best. The most recommended one at the moment is the Rs 448 pack. It has a validity of 84 days, and gives 1.4 GB 3G/4G data per day. You also get unlimited STD and incoming, and outgoing roaming calls.
  • Airtel offers the easiest recharge and pack change options on its prepaid plans. Whether using the myAirtel app or recharging from your laptop, Airtel prepaid recharge is easily done in under a minute. You can also use the myAirtel app to request a top up.
  • Airtel lets you link your prepaid plan to the Airtel family plan. The family plan clubs each family member’s Airtel plan under one umbrella plan, thus giving up to 20% savings on the total bill.

With these benefits, wouldn’t you agree that being a prepaid user has its own perks?

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