The advantages of a remote job

The demand for remote jobs keeps increasing and whilst it is not a new concept, many people do not realize all the different benefits they could have from remote jobs. Academic research has done extensive research and found employees who worked from home to be more productive than employees who work at the office. This is a huge advantage for the company, but also for you as employee. What other advantages are connected to online jobs?

More than 60 percent of managers, ICT specialists and employees with a pedagogical profession work from home several times during the year. This was proven by a research by the Bureau of Statistics Netherlands, so this is mostly applicable for the Netherlands. However, the trend is also going on in most other western countries. On the other hand, people with jobs in the agricultural, service or transport profession do not have much opportunity to work from home. In fact, the latter group hardly ever works at home. But for those who do have the possibility to work from home, this article will give you the 2 best advantages for it.

  • Environmental friendly

Whether you are a someone who cares about the environment or not, working from home is a huge benefit for mother nature. By working from home you will not have to use your car or a taxi to get to work.

  • Less costly

By not having to travel to work and always working form home you can save on costs greatly. The most upfront costs you will save on is the travel costs. Additionally, you also will not be tempted to buy that delicious looking lunch in the canteen. Saving on these costs may look like not a big deal at first, but when you calculate the total costs that you could save on you might be able to go on an extra family vacation.

Thus, taking in just these two advantages, we think it will give you already enough reason to switch to an online job. If you want more information about remote jobs, it is a good idea to take a look at the website of Onlyremotejobs.

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