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Sponsorship as a Marketing Tool

In small business today South Africa still presents itself as a land of opportunity for those with the energy and vision to overcome the challenges.

We have a dynamic and growing middle income market to tap into, we have wide open spaces and a climate that lends itself to many and varied businesses and we have the FIFA World cup. We can top this list with a president who clearly supports entrepreneurship as seen by his commitment to massive job creation.

South Africans are also becoming, along with the rest of the world, increasingly aware of the future of this country. As small business owners there is more interest than ever before in mission statements, business charters and especially looking at social responsibility programmes that enable us to give back to the communities within which we operate.

Social media has opened this arena to the small business owner at a fast and cost-effective rate. Successful marketing of your business through sponsorship programmes is no longer limited to the arena of corporate giants!

Now South Africa also boasts a wealth of opportunity for creative sponsorship. We have orphans, HIV/Aids, poverty and all the green issues to be tended to. Suddenly you can be bold in your sponsorship, choosing the beneficiary of your social responsibility efforts with clear focus and you can not only involve your staff in a hands on capacity you can also be vocal about it, both within your business and in the media serving your target market.

You can spend a lot or you can spend a little. It’s not about how much you spend, but about how much impact what you spend has on the organization concerned.

Why not encourage communities or other businesses in your area, to join your venture and then you’ll be able to watch the effect you have as it ripples through your community. You can make such a difference in the lives of others while improving your own bottom-line by aligning social responsibility with an effective multi-pronged marketing campaign. Win-Win. Way to go!

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