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Solid vs Glazed Internal Partition Walls

The demountable partition has quickly become a favourite within commercial office spaces. This is due to its combination of flexibility as well as aesthetic appeal with a choice of systems suitable for any environment.

One debate often had is whether a solid or glazed partition is better for office environments so here we’ll provide you with the details of both options so that you can make an informed decision.

Solid Partition Walls

A solid partition wall is simply a structure comprised of a channel or rail system which sits on the floor and within ceilings for support, with a series of aluminium or timber studwork erected which can then be clad with vinyl or aluminium sheets.

The solid partition is common wherever an internal space needs to be divided efficiently for the creation of new rooms and areas.

Some of the benefits of solid partition walls include:

  • The ability to finish them with a material of your choosing in keeping with your design scheme.
  • The ability to use them as surfaces to mount audio visual equipment.
  • The ease of collapsing them and relocating them to other areas of the building.
  • The ability to install integrated storage solutions.

We can all agree that open plan office space is the way forward but there are still situations where a level of privacy may be required. It is possible to specify the installation of cladding panels which feature a much greater amount of acoustic insulation, ideal for this very purpose.

This insulation effect goes a long way in preventing sound from travelling further than desired as well as reducing the prevalence of echoes.

Glazed Partition Walls

A glazed partitioning system has the ability to bring a touch of class to any office environment. The installation process is almost exactly the same as the solid partition wall but instead of studwork and cladding panels it is possible to install large pieces of glass which provide visibility into other areas of the office.

Some of the benefits of the glazed partition include:

  • The ability to spread light throughout an internal space. Great for when natural light is at a premium.
  • The ability to choose a single or double glazed partition.
  • It is possible to install an integrated blind system within double glazed partitions giving you privacy when you need it.
  • Just as flexible in relocating as solid partitions
  • A high level of acoustic insulation properties.

Which is Right for Me?

We think that a good office space contains both. A solid wall partition is great for dividing large spaces whereas glazed partitions are much better for meeting rooms and personal offices.

Do bear in mind that glazed partitioning can be considerably more expensive than its solid counterpart depending on specification required.

If you are in the planning stages of a refurbishment, consider approaching a fitout contractor for a quotation. Partitions for offices in Coventry and the surrounding areas are widely available with several manufacturers offering their own line of products. A contractor should be able to provide you with the right system for your needs.

Remember to obtain several quotations as prices can differ dramatically and some contractors might be able to provide products with similar specifications at lower costs.

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