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Seven Qualities of Effective and Compelling SEO Content

Search engine algorithms change, but excellent content remains the same. Keeping track of the basics helps writers and entrepreneurs recognize the power of quality content. Well-written content stands the test of any search engine updates and continues to attract readers. Discover seven qualities of useful and compelling SEO content.

Natural Use of Keywords

Before writing anything, perform keyword research. Who is looking for the information and what questions do they have? Finding out the words your target audience enters into the search bar to find info makes it easier to reach them. Look for trafficked longtail keywords rather than trying to compete for high-ranking words everyone else is already using. Include a natural mix of keywords in your title, headline, content, and metadata. Never stuff the content with keywords, which instantly sets off search engines and readers.

Meaningful and Timeless Information

Trending topics are beneficial to get instant traffic and reach a specific niche. But those should be the minority of articles written rather than the major. Choose meaningful and timeless topics that will continue to attract interest. Make sure the items are well-researched and offer facts that matter. These type of articles will attract a steady stream of targeted traffic for years.

Watch the Spelling and Grammar

While most readers are not the grammar police, they do expect a high level of accuracy – and so do the search engines. Use a spelling and grammar check program to ensure your work is free of glaring errors. Apparent mistakes make your content and company look less than worthy of attention. If possible, have someone else read your content for accuracy and flow. The material should be easy to read and understand.

Problem and Solution

Beyond providing information, business content is written to generate leads. Define a common problem the target audience wants to address. Offer useful info and a solution the form of a call to action. Promotional content must direct the reader. They are looking for answers, and you have them. A call to action encourages them to connect with your company. For example, they might provide their email addresses to get your monthly newsletter for industry updates.

Length and Format

The content should be long enough to attract search engines and short enough for visitors to read to the end. Also, consider the format of the material. Always mention the problem and the existence of a solution in the first paragraph. Be forthright and transparent. Readers want to know what they will get from reading an article.

Be Unique

Tell a story or add a bit of humor. Share facts few people know or original research about the topic. Be an educational resource. No matter how you manage to do it, make sure your content is unique. Don’t just offer the same stuff they can get anywhere else. Engage the reader and be captivating enough to remember and trust.

Beyond the Writing

Consider other factors beyond the basic writing. Add links to internal and external web pages to give the article authority. Use images, video, and infographics for visual interest. In a tutorial, they can be used to show people what you mean. Share the article on social media for more people to find it. Besides writing for your blog, consider guest blogging to expand your reach to a broader audience.

Crafting compelling content is thoughtful and time-consuming work. Often busy business managers have little or no time to focus on these details. Outsource your writing to an SEO content professional to ensure the job is superior. Investing in quality content becomes an ongoing way to brand your business, builds its reputation, and generate leads.

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