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Safe and Affordable Commercial Waste Disposal

If you run a business in the UK, you will likely be aware of the very strict laws regarding commercial waste disposal, and the days of irresponsible dumping are long gone. A waste transport note (WTN) is required by law for any movement of commercial waste, and if you don’t have one, it could mean severe penalties. The local council obviously run a comprehensive domestic waste removal service, and some also have a commercial waste removal service, although, to be honest, it is somewhat unreliable, and most businesses use a private contractor, as this offers a total solution.

Waste Categories

These days, as much waste as possible is recycled, and in order for this to work, the waste must be sorted into groups, which would include the following:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Glass – Coloured – clear
  • Metals – Steel – Aluminium – iron – others
  • Rubber

Any company that wished to have a regular supply of business rubbish bins would likely contact a local provider, who would have a range of solutions, such as varying sizes of skips and also smaller recycling bins.

The Importance of Recycling

In former times, the customer cared not what happened to their commercial waste, as long as it is taken away, they would be happy, yet with the current drive for recycling, most businesses do want to know what happens to the waste, and whether it is recycled. Any reputable waste removal contractor would recycle as much as 80% of all waste removed, and with the correct documentation, the customer can rest assured that the waste was responsibly recycled wherever possible.

Hazardous Waste Collection

A reputable waste disposal contractor would certainly offer this service, and with special bins and pre-agreed definitions of the waste, a contract would be in place, whereby the waste is removed safely, and all the necessary documentation would be handled by the contractor, which makes it easier for the customer.

Secure Document Shredding

Over time, all businesses accumulate reams of documents, and one cannot simply throw this away, as there would be sensitive and potentially harmful information, and if it got into the wrong hands, there could be serious implications. There are companies that specialise in secure document shredding, which is the best way to destroy them, and the client would have the choice of a lockable bin, which is collected as agreed, or the company will install a shredding machine, and take away the remnants to be destroyed. Some companies prefer the self-shredding option, as they can be absolutely sure that the documents have, in fact, been shredded, yet this service involves the use of the customer’s workforce, and many businesses prefer to have the documents shredded off-site by the waste disposal company.

There are many reputable waste disposal companies, and an online search would reveal the locations of nearby contractors, and when browsing, it pays to take note of the contractor’s profile, and with a useful FAQ page on their site, this should answer any questions you might have regarding commercial waste disposal.

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