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Romania received the approval to export lambs to Saudi Arabia

Last year, National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority from Romania started the agreements to open trade relations for export of animals to Saudi Arabia.

As a consequence, in September 2017 all steps have been taken regarding this and some delegates from Saudi Arabia came in Romania to evaluate the activity of veterinary services of the country regarding the control of diseases and the biosecurity conditions at cattle sheep and goats.

From now on, Romania can export sheep, goat, and cattle breeding to Saudi Arabia after the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority has recently concluded the negotiations started in April 2017 with the authorities.

At the beginning of this year, the debates were completed and the export of sheep from Romania, one of the largest exporters of livestock animals to Saudi Arabia was declared accessible.

Romania can export livestock animals to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi authorities demanded special export conditions and until now, Seradria is the only company from Romania who obtained the authorizations to export animals to Saudi Arabia.

One of the greatest exporters of sheep and cattle in Romania has a farm of over 10 hectares and a capacity of about 150000 animals and is located in Cluj County.

With a business experience of 25 years, we are always trying to be on top of the changes that occur in our markets. With an export-oriented activity, we take a direct interest in the current state of affairs of Arab speaking countries, as they are the largest consumers of sheep meat.

The opening of a new market for us as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an important event because it has a large population that like to eat sheep meat.

As in the case of Israel, in order to export livestock to Saudi Arabia, we need a special authorization given by The National Sanitary Veterinary Agency (ANSVSA).

The authorization is given after a thorough evaluation of specific conditions like sanitary veterinary authorizations, animal traceability, special registers, livestock accommodation, suitable installations for feeding, watering and treatment administration, suitable areas for fodder, residual waters systems, etc.

As of today, we are the only company in Romania authorized to export both sheep and cattle to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are also working with other countries as Israel, Libya, Jordan, Iraq, as well as countries from the European Union”, stated Cosmin Serban, the director of the company Seradria.

According to the EU statistics office, Romania occupies the third place in the European Union, after UK and Spain regarding sheep breeding. More than that, this country offers wonderful conditions for raising sheep and cattle properly. Besides, Romania has a favorable position with an easy access the Black Sea, so it’s easier to buy ships with animals livestock.

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