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Robotic Machine Tending

Machine tending is an application that is commonly applied to industrial robots. It is a beneficial process that helps save time, increase productivity which all end up in increasing the total returns of a company.

Safe Machine Tending

Some of the advantages of robotic machine tending are that it helps keep the working environment safe, helps perform the tedious and dull jobs and this generally improves the safety levels in the working environment.

Though it makes work easier, the application of machine tending can be boring and it’s normally one that requires close attention and consistency.  To enable safe and accurate machine tending, the application incorporates the use of robotic manual solutions. The solutions available include enabling a robot to move items from different locations such as the production point, the supply position and to the machine meant for transport. You, therefore, need customized designs that will be able to handle both fragile and large equipment.

How Automated Machine Tending Works

Over a long time, machine shops have been using human labour to load and offload machines. Such tasks can be repetitive and boring and to find human workers who can perform them becomes an uphill task. For such companies, robotic machine tending becomes important as it helps cover up for the limited human workforce.

In production shops, robotic machine tending is used to load raw materials and after the execution of the program, the robot offloads the finished part and loads the machine with a fresh raw part for processing. Through machine tending, this process can run over a long period of time with the machine continuously loading and offloading materials into and from the processing plant.

As earlier mentioned the process is dangerous and requires the services of robotic solution providers to retain consistency and stability. The movements from the different points of the production chain involve dangerous processes like orientation, heavy and bulk transportation, grinding, as well as regular interactions with the turning machines and so on.

Benefits of Robotic Machine Tending

  • It Is Affordable

There are many types of machine tending applications that come in different sizes for different business sizes.  This makes using the application affordable and this is a factor that is contrary to the expectation of many. This makes them able to provide a number of benefits to the businesses where they are used. The benefits are greater for companies that have a series of many and boring and repetitive tasks that have trouble attracting the human workforce.

  • They Are a Comprehensive Solution

Most machine tending robots are normally fitted with different safety measures such as water and dust protectors all around the gadget. Machine tending applications do not occupy a huge space; as such they are easy to accommodate even in small spaces of medium production companies. One outstanding feature is that the application allows for two robots to be mounted onto two machines and this helps them save space for small and medium companies.

  • They Are Ideal For Injection Molding

Many robots are not able to perform specific tasks such as injection moulding but the machine tending robots are able to  complete even the most complex and specific tasks such as cutting of screws, labelling, inserting, parts removal and separation and this helps avoid damages.

  • Helps Cut Down On Human Error

Machines can never go wrong, as long as the robotic solution provider is doing the job right the robotic machine tending will help provide efficient results, something that is not possible with humans because they get bored because of performing repetitive tasks. Machine tending can be done for a long period and even work for 24/7 without stopping.

Work With the Best

To be able to reap the best, you need the services of a reputable robotic machine tending solutions provider. One who acknowledges that you have indeed made an investment which is very important to your business irrespective of the size. What’s more, the robotic solution provider should be able to integrate the applications to enable your company to realize returns on investment in the shortest time possible.  A company that will be able to avail great services at a reasonable price.

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