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Qualities to look for in a close protection operative

Gone are the days when close protection was considered as a device to exhibit vanity. Individuals in the public eye and the ones having a substantial net worth need a constant close protection. In London, where roads are jammed with vehicles and sidewalks are crammed with pedestrians, the need for close protection increases manifold.

People finding an eligible operative of close protection in London should look for the below-discussed attributes. Security companies in London will be of great help in hiring an individual with impeccable qualities of a close protection operative.

They should think and act quickly

For the most part of their job, close protection operatives are not needed to flaunt their quick cognitive and physical reflexes. However, there can be events where they have to quickly devise a strategy and then to execute it in a constricted time window.

Therefore, always ask for a security company in London to provide you with an individual that has gone through rigorous emergency response training. It will be better if he has also put this training to use in a couple of practical situations.

They should have prior firearm training

Close protection entails a fool proof security detailing of the given individual. So, the operative should have a good prior experience of handling a firearm. Carrying a firearm give close protection operative a formidable aura which is an essential requirement to put off malicious elements.

They should be accustomed to technology

Technology has become a part and parcel of today’s world. Many of the contemporary security arrangements are also managed through digital means. For that matter, close protection operatives should also possess the basic skills for operating electronic gadgets. So, one should always ask for security companies in London for a tech-savvy close protection operative.

They should possess good driving skills

A close protection operative should also be expert behind the wheel. Bodyguard services in London can provide you with experienced security personnel licensed to drive vehicles in the city. Even though close protection personnel is not required to drive the vehicle in general circumstances, but it can’t be ruled out during emergency situations.

Besides these qualities, always ask for security companies in London to put you through with individuals who have a significant body of work as a close protection operative. Westminster Security London can help with close protection services in London and provide you with operatives with all the above-discussed characteristics.

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