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PR Measurement And Evaluation: Important Facts Clients Should Know

Presently, there are advanced online tools that help clients track their media profile, determine what drives their media coverage, and evaluate the success of their media relations as well as their publicity programs- at an amazingly affordable cost.The starting point is a fair appraisal of strengths and weaknesses to assist clients in finding out where they fit in the media setting, especially regarding their industry.

Universal Information Services analyzes press, broadcast and social media to evaluate the influence of your public relations campaigns.  This can be suitable for issue management, consumer & corporate communications, crisis and reputation management.

How it works

The process involves establishing the performance indicators that are more important to the clients, from brand equity to competitive benchmarking. Then professional analysts review the press coverage, gauge the messages, and evaluate the influence of PR on your investment. The insights will then be fed back using clear graphs and reports to demonstrate the impact and direction. This is done consistently for regular activities such as financial calendar work, product launch, specific announcements, or crisis.

The global insight provided is comprehensive. Quick and unfailing insights are then delivered into your media profile, excellent positioning, and reputation across all topographies, languages, and markets.

Data assessment and analysis

Designed specifically for mid-sized and smaller corporations, ClipMetrics is currently the most affordable and easy-to-use PR measurement system. It’s the fastest way to measure and evaluate your local, global, and national press coverage and communications to illustrate the impact of your publicity programs and media relations.

This service provides detailed, real-time measurement of PR, communication programs, and media relations. ClipMetrics includes comprehensive tools for measuring and evaluating your public relations program.

Rapid system data provision

ClipMetrics automatically combines data and analyzes viewership/readership information for all your social media clips and news- and promptly displays PR measurement reports in dozens of accurate, colorful, and clear charts for whatever period you choose.

To establish ‘reach,’ the system measures ‘impressions’ over a considerable duration for both online and print media. It also evaluates the frequency of news sources, top sources, types of new sources, and several other parameters to determine the influence of your media relations struggles. Some of the qualitative measures utilized include tone, dominance, spokespersons, messages, and prominence.

Exporting PR measurement charts & graphs

The charts & graphs generated during PR measurement can be readily incorporated into PowerPoint presentations or Word documents for independent reports that correctly measure your public relations and media relations success. With ClipMetrics, many different organizations can now afford exhaustive, precise PR measurement, assessment, and analysis.

To effectively measure the success and impact of PR campaigns, the following strategic plans can be utilized:

  • Press clippings. This entails tracking the level of press clipping that frequently mentions your product or brand.
  • Lead sourcing. To know if your PR efforts positively influence your customer’s decisions, simply ask the new client how they perceive your services and products.
  • Media impressions. Another reliable method of evaluating PR efforts is to count the number of impressions made over a certain period of time.
  • Web trafficking. Companies analyzing the effect of their PR programs should also monitor the content of published articles.
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