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Pipeline Descaling: Industrial Waterblasting Delivers the Results You Need

It’s about maintenance and the efficiency that follows. But if pipelines and tanks are the core of your business success, what steps do you take to make sure the services that they provide are as efficient as possible? The answer is in a process called industrial waterblasting.

To get the benefits of this effective method, you’d be wise to work with a company bringing extensive experience to the task. It’s also essential for the company you hire to have high pressure and ultra-high pressure equipment built specifically to produce results and do so safely. The level of experience is important because this work must sometimes take place in hazardous environments including confined spaces and petrochemical sites.


Industrial waterblasting is not only a good method if you need to descale pipelines but it’s a good option for cleaning tanks of all sizes, for demolishing concrete, and for preparation of surfaces at onshore facilities and offshore facilities. To deliver the results that you need, it’s necessary to have units capable of producing at the 3,000psi level and up to the 45,000psi level. Combining experience with special equipment of this type allows a contractor to deliver industrial waterblasting services to clients with sites that demand strict compliance to safety procedures.

It is essential as well for trained operators to use proven methods and to be prepared with the necessary parts and skills to handle equipment issues to make the project move forward smoothly and in the safest way possible. Reputation is one of the most important elements in a successful business. This is certainly true in a special sector such as pipeline descaling and industrial-level waterblasting. Your decision on which provider to partner with can be much easier to make if you talk with colleagues who are already a part of the network of satisfied clients.

That reputation is built on a solid foundation composed of an array of plant and equipment specific to the needs of the client and potential client. But there is another factor that is a key to being able to provide unmatched customer service – the human factor. Companies may survive in a competitive industry but a few thrive, leading the way because of an experienced workforce. This essential personnel list includes engineers, coatings inspection supervisors, structural maintenance supervisors, industrial cleaning experts, estimators, skilled trades individuals, and experienced labourers.

Private Property, Environment

Working carefully and safely on private property and protecting the environment are two of the key elements of providing work that meets the highest standards. Supervisors and management personnel must always focus on protecting the environment, reducing the impact on the surrounding area, and complying with all guidelines and regulations.

The nature of this industry often requires the provider to work on private property, which means that the employees must work within certain guidelines and communicate openly and honestly with local residents. The ultimate goal, of course, is to produce the results that the client wants and deserves with minimal disruption to the property owners, the public, and the environment. It can be done.

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