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Open Tenders And Improving Your Chances Of Success

Open tenders are tenders that are usually advertised in trade journals or local newspapers inviting contractors to apply. They are conducted in a transparent process, ensuring that contractors with the best prices and meeting technical requirements are considered and win the tenders. The best wins in the end, whether they are government tenders or private sector tenders.

There are all kinds of tenders today, including construction tenders and product supply tenders among many others. You can use sites that offer lists of open tenders in different sectors to get updates on the latest tenders and choose those you feel you can comfortably handle. Tenders have the potential of opening great business opportunities considering that when you win you get a chance to make a name for yourself making it possible for you to be considered for closed tenders that are only open to known or prequalified bidders. Such tenders increase your winning chances. However, even with the open tenders where bidder competition can be very high, you still stand a chance to make it big and win over other tender bids.

· When tendering, ensure that you pay attention to details such as highlighting your experience and skills that put you better in handling the project at hand. Ensure that your proposal contains no errors and is formatted in a professional way so that those going through it can have an easier time figuring it out. Make sure you present your serious, professional side in the proposal every way possible.

· Be careful with your quote, ensuring that you neither quote too high or too low. A pricing table is a very common feature on tenders and it can be very tempting to bidders. Low bids can create a negative image on the quality of the services or products that you are offering whereas a very high bid can go to show how unreasonably hungry you are for money. Keep the quotes at reasonable levels.

· Take time to understand the needs of the client and the problems they are trying to fix with the current services they have. This will put you in a better position to present yourself and offer them confidence in getting a solution for the pains they could be going through currently. It will make it easier for you to describe the working process in terms of offering solutions to existing needs and problems.

· Take the time to research as much as possible at every point that matters as far as the tender is concerned. The major areas that you should concentrate on being client details such as the type of business, services and products and the solutions needed. The market and your competitors are the other important areas that your research should tackle. Such extensive research puts you in a better understanding of what the client expects from you, what the latest trends are in the market and how to stand taller than your competitors when presenting your proposal. The more you know the easier the tendering will be.

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