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Mountains And The Wilderness – Perfect Places To Develop Leadership Skills

Sitting in a classroom or attending a presentation to learn about leadership is not challenging enough for people who want to test their skills whilst having an adrenaline rush at the same time.

Mountains and the wilderness are two places where company executives can test themselves to the limit. Full assessments are performed after the expedition takes place.

Improving As A Leader Whilst Climbing A Steep Mountain

1) Climbing a mountain with the help of Everest Academy instructors can be the experience of a lifetime. Company managers are responsible for a group of people whilst dealing with the challenging mountain terrain. Weather conditions and the abilities of the others in the group need to be taken into account.

2) Conditions on the mountain test the resolve of even the most unflappable company manager. Teamwork is essential, and every member of the group should be given the chance to have their say. Effective teamwork increases the chances that the mountain expedition will be a complete success.

3) Everything will be supervised by experienced mountain climbing instructors.

4) Once the mountain expedition has finished, it is time for the assessment stage. Feedback is given and leaders develop ideas about positive habits that can be transferred from how they performed on the mountain to how they will perform in the boardroom. Everyone who completes the mountain course makes commitments that they need to abide by.

Growing As A Leader Whilst Navigating Through Unforgiving Wilderness

1) Navigating through the wilderness is not something that a company director may have thought about before they signed up for the course, which takes place in Tasmania. The weather saps energy, so hydration is important so that people can retain their focus.

2) Map reading and route planning will test leaders who are unfamiliar with these conditions. Every member of the group should make positive suggestions about how the team should overcome adversity.

3) Judgement and adaptability are just two of the skills which are tested during the wilderness expedition. Once it has finished, leaders are committed to improving their performance at work.

4) The trip is supervised by experts.

Which Course To Choose?

Choosing between the different courses is going to depend on someone’s personal preference. Not everyone wants to deal with cold weather whilst leading a team, so the wilderness trek in Tasmania is advised.

Alternatively, climbing a mountain is a goal that many people dream of, and they relish being in a colder climate.

Do A Different Course Every Year

The adrenaline rush of being out in the wilderness or going up a mountain can be addictive. Managers can book a different course every year to hone their skills in an unconventional setting.

The Impact Of These Expeditions

Anyone who climbs a mountain or conquers the wilderness will improve their leadership skills. This has a knock on effect for the long-term success of their business. Consider this instead of a traditional leadership seminar.

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