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Management Tips To Boost Office Morale

A business packed with unmotivated, uninspired employees will rarely take you in a positive direction. While the employees do, of course, hold some responsibility in keeping their personal motivation levels high, it’s also important for senior team members and company management to step in and make sure that they’re encouraging positivity in their team. Use these tools to keep your office buzzing with creativity and positivity in the years to come.

Management Tips To Boost Office Morale

Take the team on an inspiring workshop.

We’re not talking about an outdoorsy team building outing here with trust exercises and rope climbing, although that can be fun, too. Take your team for a hard-hitting innovation training course so they can learn how to tackle any problems that are holding the team back, set goals as a group, and develop new strategies to reach the next level in their work. These kinds of workshops can be a stimulating and empowering way to break through morale difficulties and brainstorm awesome new ideas.

Acknowledge successes and achievements.

It can be seriously demoralising for an employee when they work hard on a project and receive nothing more than a nod from their manager and no real recognition of their hard work. Make sure you’re acknowledging important achievements within your business on a regular basis, and consider setting up an incentives program to provide motivating bonuses or rewards for employees that really go above and beyond in their work.

Promote inclusivity.

When you exclude half of the team from your brainstorming sessions or important discussions, you can lead employees to feel like they’re less important or that their opinions aren’t valued in the same way that their colleagues with more seniority are. Try to involve as many members of the team as possible in discussions so you can get a wide variety of ideas. You never know who might come up with the solution to a long-term problem that’s been keeping a project stuck.

Don’t clock-watch.

A manager who keeps a beady eye on the clock at all times and penalises employees for arriving in 2 minutes late from their lunch break is rarely well-liked by their employees. As long as the work is getting completed in time, allow your staff to relax when necessary and take breaks to get some fresh air. Small, frequent breaks and a substantial lunch break are essential if you want your employees to be energised, positive, and motivated.

Keep the bigger purpose in mind.

Regularly remind your team of what the larger purpose of their work is. Sometimes, the daily monotony of office work can drown out the overall picture of why they’re doing what they do every day. Read out positive customer testimonials and keep the company’s overall vision and purpose as a priority for every employee, regardless of their position. Make sure they’re aware that what they’re doing is contributing in a meaningful way.

Develop a company community service strategy.

Giving back to the community is a fantastic way to do some good in the world while improving office morale. Dedicate a day each month to getting together as a team and volunteering for a worthy cause. Let your staff contribute their own ideas for charities and organisations to support, and decide on the cause as a united group.

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