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Maintain your garbage disposal unit

Maintaining your garbage disposal unit is extremely important as it helps us keeping the sewer and drainage system clog free. These clogs are generally the result of food items and grease and of course the irresponsible users. Therefore you must always make sure that you are keeping your low profile garbagedisposal in shape. Given are a few tips that would help you identify the need for a plumber if your garbage disposal unit goes faulty:

  1. Garbage disposal units are a necessity in every kitchen these days. Therefore it is very important to make sure that they are maintained and used well. In case you have a unit installed which is working just as per your expectations, it means that it is in good shape. But in case it is making a lot of noise, you may just want to restart the same again and try. In case the hoarse sound persists, then it is best to call up a plumber and get the appliance checked. You may also try resetting the machine once.
  2. In case of a leakage in the garbage disposal unit, which is more likely not possible, you may try and look for any foreign object. At times, the users might mistakenly put in a spoon or a knife and it could lead to leakage in the low profile garbage disposal. Besides, it can also be because of the connection between the dishwasher and the discharge pipeline. You can try to tighten the clamp or can also replace a hose. In case if this tightening doesn’t work then you may try replacing the gasket.
  3. Slow draining system could also happen due to the congested drainage line. Chemical drain cleaners must be avoided as it could lead to the damage to the unit and then you might need to clean it up manually. You must use the baking soda or the vinegar to remove the congestion from the drain pipe. These two are very old tricks and usually work in case of congested drains. If everything else fails, make sure that you take the help of a professional plumber to help you with the problems in the draining unit.
  4. Smelly garbage disposal unit is a common problem which usually happens due to incorrect usage of the unit. Putting in vegetables and food items which are hard for the disposal unit to process and which leads to clogging and also the oily and greasy substances which could build up and clog the drainage can lead to bad odor. Using lemon and vinegar could help.

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