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Learn 5 Things To Do If You Want Lower Vehicle Insurance Rates

As a driver of any vehicle, you want to save money by paying the lowest possible auto insurance rates. On the other hand, you don’t want to give up so much coverage that you’re not protected if an accident happens.

For that reason, whether you’re new to the roads or have been driving for a generation, you need to know ways you can lower your insurance rates. There are sound steps you can take that work in all situations and corners of the country. Keep reading into the following paragraphs to learn 5 things you can do which lower your auto insurance rates:

1) Cut Back On Your Driving:

The first thing on this list that lowers your auto insurance premiums and rates is to know and embrace the fact that your insurer will calculate your policy quote based off of just how much you actually drive. In fact, this might be among the first questions you get asked when getting quotes. You can’t hide tickets that are on your record, nor can you change your address easily, but you can change up how many miles you log per week. The less you actually drive, then the lower the rates you’ll have, just given your minimized risk of filing a claim because you’re not on the road as much.

So, whenever it’s possible, carpool to work or take mass transit. Combine all your shopping into one big trip instead of running to the store every day. Walk where you can, and use the bus for places right off of routes. Mass transit can often be cheaper than paying for parking at sporting events and concerts. Figure out what your rates would be like from driving 40 miles a week instead of a 100. You’ll not only save money on lower insurance, but also from using less gas and less maintenance, wear, and tear on your car.

2) Know Your Vehicles:

Consider what kind of vehicle to get, or at least be mindful of the make and model you have. Some drivers might cherish famous sports cars, such as a Corvette, Mustang, or Camaro. However, these and other high-profile cars might come with exorbitant insurance rates. You might want to think about a Corolla instead of a convertible. Lower-profile cars have lower insurance rates. Keep your premiums down when you car shop, not just when you insurance shop.

3) Raise Your Deductible:

The third of five steps you can take towards lower insurance rates on your auto or vehicle is to change your deductible. Most insurance providers offer a $500 deductible as the lowest one available, and so most folks default to that option. That’s awesome if something happens, since it means you pay less from your own pocket for any damage. However, your monthly premiums go way down if you boost your deductible to $1000 or higher. You’ll have to pay more attention to the road, as well as drive even more carefully to avoid any accidents.

However, shouldn’t you be doing those anyway to avoid paying out-of-pocket expenses at all? Just be mindful that if you’re financing or leasing a vehicle, the loan provider or leasing company might not allow deductibles in excess of $500. Do this the next time you compare car insurance providers and see what you can save.

4) Drive Safely:

The fourth one on this list should possibly be the most obvious, but it’s not always. It might happen so gradually that you don’t notice, but as you age, your insurance tends to go down.

That’s because the longer you drive and live, the more careful you get, so you’re a lot less likely to chat on the phone. Instead, you’re paying extra attention to the road. That doesn’t mean that younger drivers can’t save money though if they’re safe drivers. Keeping a clean record, and avoiding accidents, traffic stops, and speeding tickets all adds up to rates going down every year. On top of that, you won’t have to stress about wrecking your car and getting it replaced as often.

5) Bundle Up:

The last point on this list isn’t referring to dressing warmly in the fall or winter but instead involves other insurance policies you might have, such as life, homeowners, or renters. If you can bundle any of these policies together with one provider, you should have access to easy savings. By buying all of them together, your individual rates per particular policy will be less.

That also happens if you get more than one driver on the same vehicle registered with the same insurer. Getting two or more drivers together means that every driver pays less per person. If you can, get every driver in the home together under one policy.

These 5 things are all simple steps you can use to enjoy lower rates of insurance on your vehicle. On top of that, they’ll keep you safer on the road and make you less threatening to yourself and others. Use every one of these to reduce your monthly premiums when you shop around for the industry’s best possible policy prices.

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