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Law Firms and the Same Day Delivery Service

Law is an industry like no other. Where most other industries have gone paperless and solely rely on electronic means of communication, traditional methods of communication are just as important to law firms today as they always have been.

The key is in the type of work that your average law firm carries out. The term ‘law’ and the term ‘contract’ go hand in hand and the only way these contracts can be delivered in the manner required is in hardcopy and by hand. That is why law firms stand to gain the most from making use of courier services so if you aren’t already, by the end of this article you should be.

Important Legal Documents

Whether you’re a law firm operating in the field of property law or a firm acting to represent a large company, you will be responsible for the drafting and circulation of various legal documents. Whether a contract for the purchase of a house, a new commercial lease or the amalgamation of two large companies, the foundations of these tasks are all based on the formation of legally binding documents which need to be signed by hand.

Why Use a Courier Service?

There are several good reasons why using a courier is the best way to circulate and deliver documents for signing. These include:

  1. Record Keeping Integrity

Knowing whether an important document has been received and signed is important. It is also important to know exactly where and when the document was received which is crucial if a dispute were to arise.

A courier firm will keep a record of every delivery they make as well as who it was made to. This is for their own records but can be instrumental to proving that the recipient did actually receive the paperwork they were supposed to have – necessary if taking them to court.

  1. Efficiency

Your courier will always take the quickest route as turnaround time is paramount to their business model. The quicker they can make a collection and delivery, the quicker they can move on to the next job.

This is beneficial to you as legal documents are often very time sensitive, usually needing to be delivered on the same day and sometimes even within hours.

  1. The Express Service

Tying in with our previous point, most courier companies will offer an express service which is designed to offer the quickest turnaround time possible. This can be invaluable when you have a deadline to meet and a standard delivery service simply wouldn’t cut it.

Appoint a Courier to Your Firm

The competition for law firms across Adelaide and indeed Australia is considerable. To stay ahead of the curve, you should be making use of the most reliable courier service available to you. One such company is the Go People delivery service who come recommended but there are several more to choose from. We would suggest shortlisting a few before screening them to see how they could benefit your company.

To make your law firm as productive as possible, consider upgrading your time sensitive delivery service to one that you can rely on.

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