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Know About Valet Storage

Valet storage is so popular now a days with people who are always on the move because of their jobs or smaller spaces of stay or no time to care for them and also difficult to safeguard certain things. But you will have no worries as advancements in every field and solution for everything and quick fixes are the norm of the day, you can hire the services of valet storage’s which are highly acceptable with people who have used them. They have nominal charges but increase as time goes by. But they are worth every penny as you wouldn’t want lug all your stuff city to city as you move around and in the process damage or lose an article. This would be an ideal way of keeping your things yet not be burdened during shifting, just for a fee. Make use of valet storage in Singapore.

The valet storage provides the right kind of boxes for packing your stuff and you can request a free pickup of the goods. There is a minimum contract period that you have to enter into when using valet storage which is usually of three months, others may vary depending on the nature of goods or otherwise. It isn’t difficult to find such services, with the help of internet you can now find valet storage in and around your locality or elsewhere however preferable you deem it to be to place your goods in their care. They take small and big bulky items too which might not fit in boxes. All items are labelled and bar coded for reference. A secure warehouse is provided which no on but you will have access to and other details of payment can worked out online along with renewal of contract.

They have option of delivering your stuff to you at the end of the period if requested to location you want it delivered. You can have a personalised account and have no fear of what you have stored in the valet storage and make customised images for all the boxes of stuff that you have placed for better reference. If you are seeking any one of the goods stored in the valet storage, you could click on the labelled item and have it delivered it to you with the time and place of the destination with immediate effect. The availability of the space has to be guaranteed, hence a advance appointment of forty eight hours is sought. Here first come first serve basis is the format for providing space. Great to use valet storage in Singapore.

The charges of the space used for the goods that you will keep in the valet storage will mentioned on the website and there would terms and conditions of keeping the kind of goods that can be stored such as perishable items, inflammable, chemicals, plants, animals, drugs and other hazardous materials are not allowed to key in valet storage. The minimum contract period also has to be agreed to, if you take back your stuff before the lapse of this minimum time period you will charged fully of the said contract period ad per policy of the company. There is monthly rent payment that you would have to pay but you will get free pickup and delivery facility.

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