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Keep a track of your winnings

Traders try to always focus on their losses to improve their trading. It is not the right way of improving in your career if you are only focusing on your losses. It may make you feel that you are a not a good trader and you need more work. What is important to grow your career is you also need to focus on the winnings. They are your strong points because you have made the right decision at that time. If you want to develop your career and want to take it to the next level you need to read this article. This article will tell you how focusing on your winnings can also improve your performance. The more you know your strength, the easier it will be for you to win the trades.

Learn from the mistakes

The new Singaporean traders are doing relatively well since they always learn from their mistakes. Being a beginner you need to keep a record of your trade execution. Maintain an old-fashioned trading journal so that you can assess your past trades during the weekend. This will eventually help you to identify your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes is the best thing you can do as a new investor.

Precise analysis

You need to learn how to do the perfect analysis in the higher time frame. If you trade the low-quality trade setup it will take huge time to learn from your mistakes. So how do you learn the art of precise technical analysis? This is where you need to have access to the premium online trading platform. Start analyzing the data in the higher time frame. Try to find the long-term trend since it will eliminate many false trade setups. You might get confused at times but you have to stick to this industry. Once you learn the proper way of trading, you will see slow improvement in your career. But make sure you are not trading the market with high risk since it will cost you heavily in the long run. Try to be smart investors to improve your winning edge in this industry.

Tell you how to analyze different trends

If you look back to your past trades, you will find one thing in common. Of all the trades that you have won, you have made some wonderful analysis. It only happened because you knew what the trades were going to be. If you want to increase your profit, make a routine and keep track of how you have achieved success. They are not some moments that the luck was in your favor. It happened because you practiced and you made the trade at the right time with the perfect entry. If you analyze your winning trades, you will know where to focus more when placing the trades to increase your chance.

It gives you confidence

Practicing is not all the thing that you can do in this industry. You also need to give some motivation to yourself and give you some confidence. Looking at the winnings can give you the confidence that you can do this. Every great trader started as novice trader and from there, they grew and become successful. It can be possible for you also if you are positive about your performance.

Analyzing loses can distract you

Analyzing why you have lost the trades is important but if you are only giving your mind on the losses, you can be distracted. You also need to see how much you have achieved over time. Try to maintain a balance between your winning and losing and you will understand if you are improving with your skills. Try to find out the mistakes from your last trades but also motivate yourself to win more. Never let yourself top live in the past because you need every moment to make a good trade become great and profitable for you.

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