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Inbound Marketing – Importance and how it is done

In the last few decades, the number of door-to-door salesmen has decreased drastically. It is not that new products have stopped launching or the business is slow. In fact, the market is flooding with new products, more than ever. The question that comes to our mind is – What has changed? or What are the new methods of marketing in use? The answer is – Inbound Marketing and the reason behind this is, simply, the evolution in Technology and changes in customer’s approach to buying things.

The number of mobile devices has increased over the past decade and, nowadays, people are “more online than offline”. The trick is to entice customers by engaging at their terms. Marketing has to adapt and modify the changing environment to keep delivering effectively. Inbound Marketing is a perfect example of this. The business owners are more content because they, now, have visible results to count on. Be it increasing the web presence of their product or spreading a good word about their brand, Inbound Marketing helps the business owners to achieve these goals.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a healthy practise of drawing customers to your products or services through Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and other techniques such as Search Engine Optimization. This term may be a bit misleading, but chances are, you are already using it to expand the reach and improve sales of your product.

Inbound Marketing involves creating search-friendly content and spreading them through blogs, social media, content marketing etc. to create awareness about your product or services.

How is Inbound Marketing different from Outbound Marketing?

 More than often, Inbound Marketing Strategy is confused with Outbound Marketing. The spam promotional email, sales calls, ads on various social media platforms, etc. that you see are not part of Inbound Marketing.

Outbound Marketing is completely opposite to Inbound Marketing. It is more of pushing a product through various channels while Inbound Marketing is presenting your product when a customer is looking for a solution to their problem.

Tools of Inbound Marketing

The primary idea of Inbound Marketing is similar to any marketing practises – expanding the reach of your brand and improving the sales of your product. Here are a few ways in which Inbound Marketing is carried out.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

            Various surveys have shown that more than 80% of the traffic of any website come through search engine results. This is when Search Engine Optimization becomes important. Every Search Engine uses a unique algorithm to filter their search results.

Search Engine Optimization is creating search-friendly content to push the ranking of your website in the search results. This will increase the number of visitors to your website and thus, increasing leads and hence, sales of your product.

  1. Social Media Marketing

            Social Media is populated with potential customers of your product and any business owner shouldn’t ignore that. Social Media Marketing is increasing traffic to your website using various social media platforms.

Social Media Sites can also be used to create backlinks to your website which helps your SEO efforts and thus, improving your website’s ranking. They give a face to your business and allow you to directly interact with your prospects.

  1. Content Marketing/Blogging

            Content Marketing is an important tool for Inbound Marketing. Content Marketing focuses on creating and delivering innovative and relevant content, developed to attract a clearly defined audience.

Content Marketing is being used by all the big names in the business sector. It is regarded as one of the most effective ways to create a loyal customer base.

Inbound Marketing is a clever marketing strategy which is being effectively used by most of the businesses in the eCommerce sector. Many service-providing companies staffed with experts in the field can help you with Inbound Marketing and to improve sales and reach of your product. Aspire high and hire an Inbound Marketing Strategist, now!

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