Importance of Having Manual Handling Training

It is the one thing that tends to really costs an employer a lot of money in terms of claims on a yearly basis and that is the topic of Manual Handling Training. If you are not aware of what manual handling is, then you need to know it is in simple terms related to having employees lifting items in a smarter manner. This training employees to lift smarter is important in the fact that it will reduce claims of injured workers on a regular basis as well as help to make sure that you are not dealing with employees that miss a lot of time from their job due to work.

We all know how bad the pain of a pulled muscle in a back can be, that is the best outcome for a person that is not trained in proper lifting techniques. The worst that can happen is that this will lead to an employee missing many days or weeks of work and then having to endure the pain of a much more serious injury. This also hurts the company in the fact that you will have to pay for an employee that is not at their job as well as a replacement for their position.

Now comes the part of you having to go and find the right courses for your needs. To help you figure this out, you need to look at a few factors that will make the decision-making process a little easier and effective for your needs. One of the biggest factors is to see if the company in charge of the training will offer a group discount for their courses. This will ensure that you can train the most number of people for the least amount of money. If they don’t think you will want to make sure that you look at other factors such as the amount of time that their training course runs and see if you can afford to be without a large group of your employees for that time. Otherwise, you may have to arrange for a paid day of training for all your employees to get certified.

Costs will not usually be an issue as these courses are without a doubt a lot cheaper than having to pay out a large amount of money for an injured employee. This is one of the biggest things that a lot of employees will be able to agree on for the most part. All in all, the last thing is while you are getting training for your employees on how to lift properly, look at the option of Health and Safety Consultant training as well as getting an employee in for Fire Marshal Training.


As you are able to see, you can easily save your company a great amount of money when you go to the point of getting them properly trained in what to do and not to do in the process of lifting of a box or other heavy object. Knowing this will save a lot of injuries and money.

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