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How to Take Inventory Of Office Supplies

Most offices record a considerable amount of office supplies used daily by employees. Managers know how important it is to monitor the number of office supplies available to ensure efficiency in day-to-day tasks. To do this, an inventory is absolutely necessary! This saves you from breaks in office supplies and helps you more accurately manage the expense account.

The secret for an inventory to be useful and effective is to update it regularly. Read the following points carefully to understand how to inventory your office supplies:

1-Take Stock of The Office Supplies You Already Have

It’s important to create a list of everything you have to better organize yourself, so you do not have to waste money buying duplicate items.

2-Take the Time to Properly Organize Your Office Supplies

During the new year is the perfect time for many companies to do projects like this because too often they are overwhelmed during the year. Create different sections by type of supply and organize your storage space accordingly. Example: paper and envelopes, binders and pencils, etc.

3-I suggest You Create an Excel File or Similar Program

 If your accounting software has an option to manage an inventory, use it. You can also make your inventory more traditional on paper if your business is small or the number of office supplies is limited.

4-Create A Page

 Create a page for each type of supply and then a tracking list for each item used. Then update the number of objects you currently have. Also, make sure a column is available for the date, so you can properly track the use of each supply.

5-Assign A “command level” To Each Item in The List

This number will represent the moment when it will be necessary to order this type of supply. Remember to consider the shipping time until receipt. For example, if it takes a week to get your copy paper delivered and you use two boxes a week, you should plan to order it before you miss it. Replenish when you have four boxes to ensure you never run out of paper because you will get your new boxes on time. Take the time to make the correct calculations and assign an appropriate number to each element.

6-Make Sure Your Inventory Shows Orders for Pending Office Supplies

We suggest you add an extra column to indicate that a particular item is on order, once received, immediately update your inventory totals.

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