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How to Sail Through a Job Interview

Perhaps one of the most stressful occasions for anyone is that dreaded job interview, when we are analysed, assessed and evaluated, all in the space of a few minutes. The competition is always formidable, with so many talented people looking to fill the vacancy, so it pays to do your homework if you want to stand any chance of landing the job. Here are some useful tips to help make the experience go smoothly.

Visual Presentation

At a job interview, you are trying to sell yourself, so your appearance counts for a lot. Appropriate attire, along with well-groomed hair and the right accessories, goes a long way to impressing the interviewer, and with so many hopeful candidates, you must seize the chance to impress. There are men’s tailors who specialise in made to measure garments, and whether you’re looking for wedding suits in Sydney, or smart business shirts, an online search will put you in touch with the experts.

Research the Company

Your potential employer should be a company that can offer you career development opportunities, along with further training, and in order to be fully conversant with their business, you must do some research. The first place to look is the company website, where you will find details about every aspect of the business. This would typically include:

  • Company history
  • Product line
  • Market share
  • Number of employees

Many companies have vision and mission statements, so look for these, as they will give you an insight into what drives the organisation.

Employee Evaluation

It isn’t just the employer who assesses, the person seeking the position must also be sure that the company has something to offer in terms of personal development and hands-on learning. The consequences of making a mistake when seeking employment can be months of misery and frustration, which highlights the importance of the right employer.

Prepare Questions

As the employee, you should have some questions for the interviewer, which you should ask at the very end of the interview. Questions about career development, or perhaps the long term goals of the company, but never about either salary or benefits, as this is not the time to discuss these things. Ideally, you want the interviewer to see you as a person who cares about their work and are looking for a long term position with the potential for growth within the company.

Take Notes

This will tell the interviewer you are a systematic person, and jot down anything you think is important, and don’t rush things. A calm and pleasant manner will demonstrate your ability to act in the right manner, and try to be yourself as much as possible. Your profile will reveal a lot about you, and the interviewer will have gone through that prior to the appointment, so don’t deviate from that, and be clear and concise in your communication.

The job interview doesn’t have to be a nightmare experience, and with a little research and planning, professional attire, and the right manner, you can soon begin to climb the ladder of success.

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