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How to plan a corporate event

Many companies are unable to adapt to changing times and even reach their goals. Corporate events,including forums and meetings provide important opportunities for businesses to present their best ideas from within to management and departments or to get ideas from other companies for the case of outdoor events.

Successful corporate event planning ensures that you get to achieve these goals in the best way and most cost-effective manner possible.  

Therefore, whether you are hiring an external corporate event planning expert or doing it in-house, it is advisable to consider the business intentions when planning for or the event.

Below are tips on corporate event planning 

Come up with goals: This is the starting point for each and every event planning task or activity. Make sure to sit down with key stakeholders and most influential voices before starting to plan for the event.

Then create a checklist of key deliverables that each of the stakeholders would want to see from the event. This should form a reference point for your planning activity. 

For instance, some of the goals could be to bring the company together and analyze historical performance, collect ideas for innovation, discuss and see way forward for improving efficiency or bringing the company together to come up with a vision or purpose. 

Kick off a memorable marketing campaign: Event marketing needs to be part of your corporate event planning activities. The first among the activities in this case is creating and event theme or brand. You could therefore consider emailmarketing, creating content to inspire target attendees and community building for instance through social media

You can also leverage software to plan event such as those that allow to easily and quickly collect emails and to manage contacts as well as to easily send emails. 

List down your speakers: Your event speakers should, advisably be thought provoking in order to provide attendees with good experience, but also in order to ensure they stay engaged in the event and at least get some ideas from it. 

In addition to relying on those with big and recognizable names, go for speakers who can provide deep insights about matters to be discussed. 

Never forget to include speakers inside and outside of the company. 

Make sure attendees have their say: Part of the important things you should do when doing corporate event planning is ensuring you are able to accurately collect innovative ideas throughout the event. This includes views from your own employees and ensuring that they get to be shared in the meeting. 

For instance, in addition to supporting open discussions in a round table, you could also have forums and even support sharing and messaging. After that, look for posts with innovative ideas. Q&A sessions are also very helpful for audience to get clarifications and additional details from speakers.  

Also, ensure to capture ideas through ways such as video recording and note taking. 

Conduct a post-event debrief: This lets you to evaluate the overall performance of the event, and can be done through post-event surveys and then analyze data using software. It helps because you can leverage these data insights when hosting or planning for future events. 

Ensure that the performance review is presented to the management. 

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