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How to know if you need a business coach?

If you have made it from an employee to a business owner, way to go! But by now, you may have realized that running a business is no easy thing. It’s like you are on a roller coaster. One day you feel like you are at the peak of productivity and the next day everything seems to be falling. You are not alone, lots of entrepreneurs go through such roller coaster rides and lots of them are stuck with the query that ‘I am not sure what to do next.’

To overcome such a situation, it is better you have a business coach by your side. Coaches work differently than mentors. They offer objective insights on how to run a business, improve your CEO skills, and even increase sales. I know I Know, all of this sounds good but you have one question in your head. ‘How to know if you actually need a business coach?’ There are lots of signs that are a good indication. Let’s have a look at them:

You don’t see a clear path ahead

Are you having a hard time understanding your own role as a CEO? Are you confused about what your day to day tasks should be? Do you feel like over the course of weeks, the direction of your business is changing?

All these questions mean you need help. The business coach will help you in establishing your roles and responsibilities as a CEO. He will help you jot down not just your roles but also the strategic goals of your business.

You need personal accountability

Chances are you have written down the goals but you are not meeting them. Before you immediately think your goals are lofty, ask yourself if you are really giving your 100% to meet them?

You may need personal accountability. That’s ok, we all do but instead of relying on a friend or your spouse, hire a professional business coach. He is the only one who can look at your tasks objectively, examine and evaluate your efforts and give you an honest feedback.

You want to learn new skills

If you have good leadership skills, great but that’s not the only thing you will need for running a company. As a business owner, you will need more skills in finance, technology and even negotiation.  The business coach will help you in developing those skills. He will do the research for you and find out the right skills you need to learn.

You are overwhelmed

Do you often find yourself wondering when was the last time you went home on time? Maybe you are not moving towards your goal that steadily. Most of the time, business owners are found spending time on activities that are not really productive. This makes them overwhelm and they simply cannot turn to anyone else in their own organization to seek answers.  Here again, a business coach’s assistance will save you. He will look at your daily tasks objectively and tell you which ones can be delegated and how you can effectively perform the ones that are your responsibility.

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