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How to Excel as a Personal Assistant

Many people strive to be personal assistants on a daily basis, only to realise that it is tougher than it looks, with many different elements involved in order to succeed. With this in mind today we are going to be looking into just some of the ways people can improve their abilities as personal assistants, with the ultimate intention of allowing PAs all over the country to become greater whilst encouraging others to consider a career as a PA. Whether you are a PA looking to climb the ladder, or are simply someone that is considering a career as a PA, this post is for you.

Portrait of middle age investment advisor and her young assistant man working together at office on laptop.

Top Tips to Consider

Develop good interpersonal skills – The best PAs are composed and collected when under the highest pressures, able to think on their feet whilst remaining calm. To be a great PA you must hold the ability to work well with others, even those with the most difficult personalities. This is something that is vital for PAs.

Enhance your communication skills – PAs are generally the first point of contact for clients and customers therefore it is imperative that PAs are good communicators, able to communicate verbally and in writing amazingly and efficiently. PAs do not only have to be polite and assuring but should also be able to influence people as PAs typically spend a lot of time negotiating with others for time and resources.

Have IT and internet skills – Once a day we would have been saying that PAs must have good IT skills in order to succeed, however they must now also have good internet skills, with a lots of PA work now taking place online. To be the best PA possible you should be proficient in Microsoft word and excel, have good email knowledge and be internet savvy. A good understanding of internet marketing and social media can really make PAs stand out. Develop and interest in office technology – In today’s technologically advanced world it is vital that PAs have a good understanding of new and upcoming technologies. Pas should keep an eye on all of the latest office gadgets and technologies. PAs can be required to fix photocopiers and understand all technological features within their working environments. PAs should not only be able to use existing technology but should be able to recommend changes in office technology where relevant, so that they can improve office efficiency.

Consider a PA course – People often think that PA courses are only for those looking to start their journeys to become a PA, however there are now PA courses available for PAs at all stages of their journeys. PA courses can not only be used by those looking to become PAs but also PAs looking to enhance their current skills. Luckily for all some of the best PA courses are now available online and through long distant learning, meaning that these courses can be taken even by those that are in full time employment.

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