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How to choose an architect?

On average, a couple of times a month and familiar friends of friends come to me with a request: “We bought a plot / house / flat, recommend an architect.” Who is undergoing repairs, knows what is stress, how much effort, money and nerves it takes. I worked for many years with private customers and try to give brief tutorial – how should approach this issue.

1. Leaf through magazines on architecture and design, and label all the interior details that you liked. Participate in the discussion of all decision-makers should people (wife / mother-in-law / children). Architects do not understand the words, “I want a modern classic with a twist.” Show them your favorite door handle , and they will design in this style the whole house.

2. Make a list of all the necessary facilities, equipment, interior, things will move in the future interior.

3. Decide – how much money you are willing to spend and on what time frame you expect. Unleash the architect / designer and he will spend all of your money. Moreover, not on purpose, but out of a desire to make as good interior. But do not be greedy and. It is important to properly allocate a budget to each dollar spent bringing you comfort and pleasure.


• Ask your friends who have already gone through this nightmare.
• Refer to a friend architects . But remember: the architects of the doctors – a good dentist is unlikely to help with stomach pain. Consider their specialization.
• In magazines and on the Internet . Choose the authors of objects similar to yours in size, budget and type.

Visit the sites you liked architects / designers. Talk to former clients, ask – what are the positive and negative aspects of cooperation they had.


Private architect or office? If Desk – more guarantees that the work will be performed. Sick of the architect / designer is always someone will be able to replace. On the other hand, the private architect with a small portfolio of orders is guaranteed you will pay more attention. It all depends on the size and complexity of the project and its budget.
Rate the team. Look who helps the architect / designer, what the composition of the team that will work on your project. Specify who will be personally responsible for the design and results, talk to him. If this office – look at the qualifications of the rank and file employees.

Test applicants. Ask them to do a couple of pictures of interiors and sketch plan. At the same time, remember that a good architect is always swamped with work, and design for free only agree unclaimed or beginners. Do not spare the money. Changing the architect in the design, construction and even worse, will result in far greater losses.

Note: publication in the professional press and awards – a good indicator, but not always required. There are architects who had never been published and that does not prevent them to build magnificent villas.

Cost of design . The sum of salaries of architects, office costs, licensing fees, contract professionals – engineers, modelers, renderers, travel abroad for professional exhibitions, etc.
What is a reasonable price for the service architects? On average, 12.5% of the budget of the construction, decoration and furniture. This is the cost of the entire project, including engineers, coordination and other European architects’ fees are often higher than the foreign ones. There is no paradox: Life in Europe is more expensive than in Europe, the complexity of the design is much higher due to climatic conditions, plus the lack of proper infrastructure.

What should state specifically? Lock all agreements in writing – what makes an architect and in what time frame. Stipulate the actions of both sides in the event of negative developments. Separately, arrange the cost of supervision, its frequency and the manner of its payment.


• Build your relationship with the architect in a friendly format, but not familiarly.
• Clearly define what you want, and give yourself a specialist to decide how he will perform.
• Do not rush to do the assessment work is not yet finished.
• Try to understand the plans or pictures offered by an architect, it is not so difficult. If it is not clear, ask to see examples and analogies.

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