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How Modern Co-working Spaces Are Making It A Stimulating Experience For The Workforce

Co-working spaces have become a buzzword in the recent times with startups, SMEs and even MNCs offering co-working solutions to their employees. It is not just an office space where several organisations work under the same roof. It is an experience.

Let’s see how co-working spaces are contributing to the delight of employees:


Open workspaces are synonymous with networking, which fosters collaboration. The culture of co-working is breaking down the barriers between work desks and doing away with strict hierarchical structures at shared office spaces. Members of the top management of an organisation sharing a work desk with junior employees  are no more an alien concept. This encourages unbridled communication not only among co-workers, but employees of other organisations that they are co-working with, making space for a healthy work culture. The top management can intermingle with the grassroots and share knowledge with their junior colleagues, enabling meaningful engagement and real connections.


Companies are expanding and making their presence felt globally. Travelling distances to and from everyday adds to their woes. As a result, they are formulating employee friendly policies, enabling their workforce to work remotely or offer flexible timings. The co-working trend takes flexibility a step ahead by offering multiple work locations across the city, enhancing accessibility and convenience for the workforce. Why make your employees travel for several hours when they can function from a dynamic workspace located near their home, right? This not only increases their productivity, but also gives them the opportunity to collaborate and network. Work-life balance also receives a boost with co-working.

Not just that, the concept of flexibility extends to seating arrangements as well. The aesthetics of any work environment have extensive effects on employees psychologically. The workspace needs to convey that employees are more than just worker bees. Beanbags and hot desks break the conventional hierarchy of dutifully lined up, standard run-of-the-mill workspace. This enhances productivity and fosters creative thinking.


The digital transformation journey has caught up with co-working spaces too, contributing to the delight of their target audience. Co-working spaces are integrating technology through 3D visuals and Building Information Modelling (BIM) on their mobile applications. These apps enable real-time booking of work desks and meeting rooms, promoting the concept of pro-working.

Workshops for up-skilling

Co-working spaces make for a thriving workplace that does not solely concentrate on monotonous work. Frequent workshops on a host of subjects ensure that there is something for everyone across fields of specialisation. It prevents stagnancy of skill sets, encouraging employees to become adept with new areas of expertise. This, in turn, contributes to personal and professional development and benefits the organisation. Besides, it is yet another networking opportunity.

Fun activities

Competition, events and fairs right at the workplace makes work exciting. It helps employees take the much-needed break between work and come back rejuvenated, creating a healthy work-break balance. After all, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy! A fresh mind definitely improves productivity by driving away the monotony. Saying good-bye to dragging your feet to work is no more a distant dream. Co-working spaces make it happen.

With entrepreneurs embracing the trend globally, the concept of co-working is evolving rapidly. Organisations are becoming increasingly more vibrant through innovation. These are exciting times for co-working and it will be a revelation to watch how these spaces shape up in the future.

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