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How Critical Incident Stress Management Supports Employees

A critical incident is an event which causes an unusually strong emotional response and can negatively affect the lives of those involved.

These traumatic events can occur in any industry or even in the general public, for example terror attacks such as those seen in London and Manchester during 2017.

It is often impossible to prevent or predict these incidents, and therefore they are highly likely to have an impact on those whose lives are touched by them.

However, the way those affected are supported during and after the incident can dramatically change how well they cope with the aftermath.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to deal with these incidents in a professional and supportive manner, and ensure that everyone involved is receiving the care that they need.

If you would like your business to be more prepared in the event of a critical incident, or need to support staffs that has recently experienced one, then you may be looking for a service to help them.

Read on to find out more about how a critical incident stress management (CISM) service can assist:

Pre-incident advice

While it isn’t possible to foresee these incidents, it is possible to prepare for what to do if a one should arise.

A professionally trained team can offer tips to managers and supervisors on how to support affected individuals, ensuring they do not feel isolated, following such a situation.

Offering a safe space to talk through their feelings and receive guidance for dealing with trauma can work to prevent further issues from manifesting.

This service will ensure that your team is aware of any common reactions that anyone can have towards trauma, and are able to cope with them accordingly.

What type of incidents can CISM help with?

A critical incident can refer to any situation ranging from car accidents to serious illnesses.

Critical Incident Stress Management is an effective debriefing procedure that can help to normalise any strong responses to minor, moderate and severe critical incidents, regardless of their nature.

As well as this it will offer a counselling service to any individuals that are involved with the incident, including access to a 24-hour helpline.

Having constant access to support, and a trained specialist to speak to, will mean that there is never a moment when individuals are left without guidance.

It will also help employees continue with everyday life while working through the trauma and mean that their routine is easier to phase back in during their recovery stage.

As you can see, there are many ways in which critical stress management can help staff. Implementing this service in the workplace may help you to deal with any trauma being felt, and ease staff into recovery at a comfortable pace.

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